Don Ferrente

Touchdown #6 of the 2017 Season & #50 in Levi's® Stadium History


Week 7 vs. Dallas Cowboys - C.J. Beathard 4-yard touchdown run

A season ticket holder of 27 years and a Faithful since childhood, Don Ferrente remembers the exact moment he and his buddies waited in line for three days to get their hands on tickets to the NFC West Divisional game in 1982. Fans began lining up at Candlestick Park days before tickets went on sale to watch the 49ers make a push for their first trip to the Super Bowl. Don and friends camped out in a "car line", where thousands of fans wrapped around the stadium in their vehicles to guarantee them a seat to the game.

It became a small tailgate - barbecue pits and hangouts among cars lined through the parking lots and down the hills. Fans assembled to show their support and love for their local team. Don managed to acquire tickets for 28 members of his family and friends. He and his guests would have no idea they were soon to witness what would be known as one of the most historic moments in 49ers and NFL history, "The Catch".

Don recalls the energy inside of Candlestick Park as Dwight Clark was just moments from sealing the 49ers victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

That same memory was revived as Don was in attendance for "Dwight Clark Day" in Week 7 of the 2017 season against the Cowboys. To watch the members of the 1982 team come together to celebrate Clark, his legacy, and his journey with ALS was a culminating moment that brought Don back to the 19-year-old boy who witnessed history unfold that day at Candlestick Park.