Carlos Padilla

Touchdown #2 of the 2017 Season & #46 in Levi's® Stadium History


Week 3 vs. Los Angeles Rams - Carlos Hyde 1-yard touchdown run

A gold San Francisco 49ers starter jacket began Carlos Padilla's journey as a member of the Faithful. Born and raised in Stockton, Calif., in a household that was unfamiliar with the game of football, Carlos quickly learned the red "SF" oval was more than just a logo. It's a family.

At the age of nine, Carlos' curiosity with the starter jacket worn by classmates and peers drew him into learning more about the 49ers organization. His earliest memories were of Steve Young and Jerry Rice connecting on Sundays that would eventually roll over to schoolyard discussions the following day.

For two seasons, Carlos would take the city bus 30 minutes to watch the 49ers training camp practices at the University of the Pacific. By the age of 17, Carlos witnessed his first game in person. In awe from tailgating, to the thrill of halftime, to the entirety of the game itself, Carlos fell in love with the camaraderie of watching thousands of people come together to support one team.

Now as a father of two young children, Carlos hopes to establish a tradition within his own family. He's a proud owner of his own gold 49ers starter jacket and looks forward to the future of the organization.