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Videos - December 2017

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2017-12-01 Adrian Colbert Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2017-12-01 Trent Taylor Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2017-12-01 Solomon Thomas Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2017-12-01 49ers Unlimited: Players Weigh in on Pac-12 Championship Game
2017-12-01 Kyle Shanahan Breaks Down Gameplan for Week 13
2017-12-01 1-on-1: Dontae Johnson Discusses His Ridiculous Shoe Collection
2017-12-01 Coming Soon: 49ers at Bears in Week 13
2017-12-02 Jaquiski Tartt Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2017-12-02 Niners Noticias: 49ers at Bears
2017-12-02 Dekoda Watson Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2017-12-02 49ers Game Plan with Kyle Shanahan: Week 13
2017-12-03 Robbie Gould Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2017-12-03 Bradley Pinion Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2017-12-03 Robbie Gould's Game-winning Field Goal Against the Bears
2017-12-03 Jimmy Garoppolo Connects with Taylor for a Key Third-down Conversion
2017-12-03 Gould on Game-winning Kick: 'I Couldn't Have Planned it Any Better'
2017-12-03 Jimmy Garoppolo Building Confidence After Week 13 Win
2017-12-03 Kyle Shanahan Recaps 'Huge Team Win' in Chicago
2017-12-03 Quote Roundup: 49ers Players 'Fired Up' After Win in Chicago
2017-12-03 Jimmy Garoppolo Highlights vs. Bears in Week 13
2017-12-03 Full Highlights: 49ers at Bears Week 13
2017-12-04 49ers Live: Evaluating Jimmy Garoppolo's Start vs. Chicago
2017-12-04 Kyle Shanahan Proud of His Team in Week 13 Win Against Bears
2017-12-04 49ers Announce Faithful Cruise Produced by Leadership League
2017-12-05 The Remix: 49ers at Bears in Week 13
2017-12-05 49ers Week 13 Postgame Victory Speech
2017-12-06 Underappreciated Storyline of Week 13: Trent Taylor's 'Flu Game'
2017-12-06 Mic'd Up: Solomon Thomas at Chicago Bears
2017-12-06 Kyle Shanahan: 'I Love the Excitement' Fans are Showing
2017-12-06 Jimmy Garoppolo Explains Why Goodwin and Taylor are Hard to Cover
2017-12-06 Quote Roundup: 49ers Players Set Focus for a Productive Week 14
2017-12-07 Robert Saleh Anticipates Good Matchup for Defense in Houston
2017-12-07 Quote Roundup: 49ers Players Eager to Build off Week 13 Win
2017-12-07 EA Madden 18 49ers Championship
2017-12-08 ORIG3N DNA of a Play: A Break Down of Jimmy Garoppolo's First Start
2017-12-08 Coming Soon: 49ers at Texans in Week 14
2017-12-08 49 Hours: Inside the 49ers Week 13 Victory over the Bears
2017-12-08 Kyle Shanahan: A Detailed Offense 'Gives Our Players an Advantage'
2017-12-08 1-on-1: Adrian Colbert Describes his Rise for 49ers
2017-12-09 Niners Noticias: 49ers at Texans
2017-12-10 Jimmy Garoppolo and Marquise Goodwin Connect for 32 Yards
2017-12-10 Kyle Juszczyk Bounces off Defenders for a 31-yard Gain
2017-12-10 Kyle Juszczyk Bounces off Defenders for a 31-yard Gain
2017-12-10 Carlos Hyde Bounces it Outside for a 2-yard Touchdown
2017-12-10 Garrett Celek Breaks Free for a 61-yard Gain
2017-12-10 Jimmy Garoppolo Finds Garrett Celek for 6-yard TD
2017-12-10 Goodwin: 'Jimmy is a Natural Leader and it Gives You Extreme Confidence'
2017-12-10 Jimmy Garoppolo Recaps 26-16 Win Against the Texans
2017-12-10 Kyle Shanahan: Wins 'Make it a Lot More Fun to Come into Work'
2017-12-10 Full Highlights: 49ers at Texans Week 14
2017-12-10 Jimmy Garoppolo Highlights vs. Texans in Week 14
2017-12-10 Quote Roundup: Players Feel Culture Change After Second-straight Win
2017-12-11 49ers Week 14 Postgame Victory Speech
2017-12-11 49ers Live: Analyzing the 49ers Road Win in Houston
2017-12-11 Kyle Shanahan Discusses Progress of Various 49ers Players
2017-12-13 49ers Move up NFL's Power Rankings
2017-12-13 The Remix: 49ers at Texans in Week 14
2017-12-13 Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo is a Good Mix of 'Patient and Quick'
2017-12-13 Jimmy Garoppolo Looking Forward to First Start in Front of 49ers Faithful
2017-12-14 A Look at Bradley Pinion's Work in the Community
2017-12-14 Mic'd Up: Reuben Foster and Johnny Holland at Houston Texans
2017-12-14 Solomon Thomas Gets a Behind-the-scenes Tour of Lucasfilm
2017-12-14 Robert Saleh: 'Our Guys are Ready to Execute' against Titans
2017-12-14 Bradley Pinion Calls WPMOY Nominee 'A Great Honor'
2017-12-14 49 Hours: Inside the 49ers Week 14 Victory over the Texans
2017-12-14 Quote Roundup: Players Eager to Continue the 49ers Recent Winning Ways
2017-12-14 49ers Unlimited: Getting to Know Garoppolo
2017-12-15 ORIG3N DNA of a Play: Buckner and Mitchell Dominate vs. Texans
2017-12-15 Kyle Shanahan Shares Final Updates before Week 15 Matchup
2017-12-15 Reuben Foster: Last Three Games are 'about Pride'
2017-12-15 1-on-1: 49ers Cash Cab with Kyle Juszczyk
2017-12-15 Coming Soon: 49ers vs. Titans in Week 15
2017-12-16 Niners Noticias: 49ers vs. Titans
2017-12-16 49ers Unlimited: Name That 49ers Player - High School Edition
2017-12-16 Make-A-Wish: Austin DeMello Joins 49ers for the Day
2017-12-16 49ers Foundation Vehicle Donation Program
2017-12-17 49ers Game Plan with Kyle Shanahan: Week 15
2017-12-17 Jimmy Garoppolo Escapes Pressure, Finds Taylor for 13 Yards
2017-12-17 DeForest Buckner Sacks Marcus Mariota on Titans First Play
2017-12-17 Marquise Goodwin Makes Acrobatic Catch between Titans Defenders
2017-12-17 Garoppolo Rolls Out and Finds Celek Open For a Touchdown
2017-12-17 Brock Coyle Strips Delanie Walker, Adrian Colbert Recovers the Fumble
2017-12-17 Kendrick Bourne Breaks Free for a 54-yard Gain
2017-12-17 HIGHLIGHTS: The 49ers Game-winning Drive
2017-12-17 Robbie Gould Drills Game-winning 45-yard Field Goal
2017-12-17 Full Highlights: 49ers vs. Titans Week 15
2017-12-17 Robbie Gould: 'I Made the Absolute Right Decision Coming Here'
2017-12-17 Jimmy Garoppolo Reacts to First Home Win as a 49ers Starter
2017-12-17 Kyle Shanahan: 'Garoppolo Has Been as Good as Advertised'
2017-12-17 Quote Roundup: 49ers Players 'Hungry' to Finish the Season Strong
2017-12-18 Kyle Shanahan Discusses Progress of 49ers Going into Week 16
2017-12-18 The Remix: 49ers vs. Titans in Week 15
2017-12-18 49ers Live: Analyzing the 49ers Current Winning Streak
2017-12-19 49ers Week 15 Postgame Victory Speech
2017-12-20 Underappreciated Storyline of Week 15: Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers
2017-12-20 Shanahan Expects Jaguars to be a Good Learning Experience for 49ers
2017-12-20 Jimmy Garoppolo: 'We Have a Very Good Locker Room'
2017-12-20 Robbie Gould Discusses His Historic Week 15 Performance
2017-12-20 49 Hours: Inside the 49ers Week 15 Victory over the Titans
2017-12-21 49ers and Visa Team Up for Shop With a Player
2017-12-21 Robert Saleh Evaluates Hard-hitting Play of Reuben Foster
2017-12-21 Quote Roundup: 49ers Players 'Very Positive' About Team's Progress
2017-12-21 49ers and Convoy of Hope Host Resource Fair at Levi's Stadium
2017-12-22 ORIG3N DNA of a Play: Analyzing the Game-winning Drive
2017-12-22 Kyle Shanahan Describes the Traits of a Good Offense
2017-12-22 Bradley Pinion Surprises Lifelong Friend with Super Bowl Tickets
2017-12-22 Coming Soon: 49ers vs. Jaguars in Week 16
2017-12-22 Victor Jaramillo's 49ers Wish Comes True
2017-12-22 Ojani Macedo's 49ers Wish Comes True
2017-12-22 Elias Gamez's 49ers Wish Comes True
2017-12-23 Niners Noticias: 49ers vs. Jaguars
2017-12-23 49ers Unlimited: A 'Seasons' Worth of Giving
2017-12-24 Jimmy Garoppolo's 1-yard Touchdown Run
2017-12-24 Dontae Johnson's 50-yard Pick-six
2017-12-24 Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Juszczyk Connect for a 44-yard Pickup
2017-12-24 Jimmy Garoppolo Finds George Kittle for an 8-yard Touchdown
2017-12-24 K'Waun Williams' One-Handed Interception
2017-12-24 Jimmy Garoppolo Connects with Trent Taylor for a 5-yard Touchdown
2017-12-24 Ahkello Witherspoon Picks Off Blake Bortles
2017-12-24 Matt Breida Ices the Game With a 30-yard Touchdown
2017-12-24 Garoppolo: 'I'm Proud of the Way We Kept Fighting as a Team'
2017-12-24 Kyle Shanahan: Week 16 Win is 'a Credit to Everybody'
2017-12-24 Full Highlights: 49ers vs. Jaguars Week 16
2017-12-24 49ers Defensive Highlights from Week 16
2017-12-24 Jimmy Garoppolo Highlights vs. Jaguars in Week 16
2017-12-24 49ers React to a Big Week 16 Victory against Jacksonville Jaguars
2017-12-24 49ers Week 16 Postgame Victory Speech
2017-12-27 The Remix: 49ers vs. Jaguars in Week 16
2017-12-27 Kyle Shanahan Focusing on Finishing the Season Strong
2017-12-27 Jimmy Garoppolo Highlights the Contributions of Rookies in Latest Wins
2017-12-27 Daniel Kilgore: '49ers have Something Special Building'
2017-12-28 GMFB on 49ers: 'They Are the Team That Everyone is Hot On'
2017-12-28 Mic'd Up: Eric Reid vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
2017-12-28 Coming Soon: 49ers at Rams in Week 17
2017-12-28 Robert Saleh Shares his New Year's Resolutions for the 49ers Defense
2017-12-28 Brian Baldinger Breaks Down Jimmy Garoppolo's Third-down Execution
2017-12-28 Quote Roundup: 49ers Players Having 'Fun' on the Field
2017-12-29 49 Hours: Inside the 49ers Week 16 Victory over the Jaguars
2017-12-29 ORIG3N DNA of a Play: Pinnacle Moments in Win vs. Jaguars
2017-12-29 1-on-1: Trent Taylor and George Kittle Crush the 49ers Cash Cab
2017-12-29 49ers Unlimited: 2017 End of Season Honors
2017-12-30 Niners Noticias: 49ers at Rams
2017-12-31 Garoppolo Connects with George Kittle for Career-long 44-yard Gain
2017-12-31 Jimmy Garoppolo and Marquise Goodwin Connect for an 8-yard TD
2017-12-31 Carlos Hyde Powers his Way into the End Zone for 8-yard TD Run
2017-12-31 Carlos Hyde Bounces Outside for his Second Touchdown of the Day
2017-12-31 Ahkello Witherspoon Punches the Ball Out, Solomon Thomas Recovers Fumble
2017-12-31 Jimmy Garoppolo Hits a Wide Open Aldrick Robinson for a 12-yard TD
2017-12-31 Jimmy Garoppolo Highlights vs. Rams in Week 17
2017-12-31 Full Highlights: 49ers at Rams Week 17
2017-12-31 Kyle Shanahan: 'We Loved How We Finished this Year'
2017-12-31 Jimmy Garoppolo Ready to 'Keep this Good Thing Going'
2017-12-31 Joe Staley 'Excited' to Keep Building Around Jimmy Garoppolo
2017-12-31 Elvis Dumervil: 'My Goal is to Try and Get Sacks'
2017-12-31 Quote Roundup: 49ers Players 'Can't Wait For Next Year'