What They Said: Coaches and Players Recap #SFvsSEA

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on How Much Seattle Pressured Jimmy Garoppolo and Nick Mullens

"They brought a lot of blitzes and when they brought them early, I thought we had some chances. Usually when they bring a blitz, it's pretty hit or miss. It's going to be a good play for one team and a bad play for the other team. I thought we had a chance to get rid of it a couple of times and they just got to us too fast and we didn't make them pay for it. We did a little bit there at the end, but obviously that was too late. A couple things inside they got on us too quick. I think one time we had a chance to get rid of it and we had a little bit of a high snap so we couldn't get rid of it. They were risky with a lot of their blitzes and sometimes you like that. You have to make them pay though and we didn't. If we don't make them pay for blitzes, guys are going to keep bringing it and it took us too long to make them pay."

Shanahan on his Level of Confidence in the Offense Without Deebo Samuel

"We have a lot of confidence in our offense no matter who's out there. You have to play well to have a good game and I don't think we played very well today. It started with me. I made a few too many mistakes. We got it going there a little bit in the fourth quarter, but I don't think we played well as a group. When you're missing a good player like Deebo, it's always a struggle, but we've missed players a number of times and it's no reason to go out there and not play well."

49ers Quarterback Nick Mullens on His Approach Coming Into the Game in the Second Half

"Ultimately, the goal is to score points, but you have to do it methodically, take what they give you and just move the ball down the field. You want to be aggressive but smart at the same time, and I was really proud of our fight. The receivers, the O-linemen, they've been battling all game and they could choose to lay down right there but didn't. I was proud of that."

Mullens on Making Adjustments with Injuries to Key Players on Offense

"Every week is a new week and you have to play with the cards that you're dealt. I can't speak much on the identity, but it's all about making plays. You know, 'who's going to make the plays?' and that's what we have to get back to. Just making plays, executing at a high level and focusing on us."

49ers Defensive Lineman Arik Armstead on the Defense's Performance against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Offense

"If you want to come up here and get a win you definitely need to execute and play better, myself included. It's those crunch moments that you need to execute and get them off the field. We didn't play up to the level we are capable of and we didn't execute at a high level which allowed them to stay on the field."

49ers Fullback Kyle Juszczyk on if He Still Feels that There is Fight Left in the Team

"Yeah, absolutely. Definitely still a lot of fight left in this team and I think you saw that towards the end of the game – we just wouldn't go away. A couple more things go our way, and man, that's a game. If we just have a couple more inches and get that two-point conversion, that's a one-score game with four minutes to go. And we have all the confidence in the world that our defense can go make that stop and we can go down and score and tie it up. There were a lot of things that maybe if they break our way, it's a more competitive game. There's definitely still a ton of fight left in this group."

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll Recaps #SFvsSEA

"Really great day for us. I'm really fired up about this game for a lot of reasons. They are a really good opponent and in our division."

Carroll on Nick Mullens

"You've got to give Mullens some credit, he went in there and threw some great balls. The ball where he hits (George Kittle) 85 on the sidelines, that was an extraordinarily good throw and catch... It was a big time play as well. I can see why they put him in, he's a good player."

Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson on Recovering after Having Two Unsuccessful Drives to Start the Game

"I think we stayed on schedule. We didn't get any penalties and we capitalized on opportunities. I thought it was an unbelievable game by the offensive line."

Wilson on the Seahawks Mindset Heading into Week 8

"We're focused on winning. We understand that there are going to be tough games. There are going to be tough battles. We're in the toughest division in football. Hands down."