What the 49ers and Seahawks Had to Say Following Week 4

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on Jimmy Garoppolo's Calf Injury

He got hurt sometime in the first half. He said he got stepped on, not sure which play, but he played for a while with it. He didn't think it was that bad at the time and then about a minute before halftime ended, trying to get it going and he just couldn't push off it. So right then at the end of halftime, we realized he couldn't go.

Shanahan's Assessment of Trey Lance's Performance

Some good, some bad. He got thrown in not expecting to get in and I thought he ran the ball well, he hit some passes, obviously missed some passes. Was in a tough situation there when we were down two scores. Did a good job moving the chains a couple of times with his legs, but it looked like a typical first game.

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on His Calf Injury

Happened in the first series. I don't know. I don't know exactly what happened. Tweaked the calf. It hurt initially. I thought I'd keep trying, keep trying to go and it just kept getting worse and worse, traveling down to the Achilles a little bit. But we'll get more information tomorrow with an MRI and everything. Hoping for the best right now.

Garoppolo on What He Told Lance Before the Start of the Second Half

Just bring confidence to the guys. He was going in there, just bring confidence to the huddle, get those guys going. We were still in it.

49ers Quarterback Trey Lance on His Mindset Heading into the Second Half

I stay ready for whenever my name is called. I try to be as ready as possible and prepare that way during the week to be as ready as I possibly can. So I obviously felt confidence in myself, my teammates, how well the defense had been playing and how well the offense had been moving the ball. I felt really good about the situation we were going in to.

Lance on Jimmy Garoppolo's Injury

I have a ton of confidence in him and hope he can be back as soon as possible because he does a lot for me personally on and off the field and as a team. But yeah, he battled through it the whole first half and at halftime, obviously with the muscle thing like that. I mean, I'm not going to speak for him and how he's feeling, but it's really tough when you sit down or get still. The muscle gets tighter and tighter.

49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel on Going Untouched for a 76-Yard Touchdown

I really didn't realize how open I was until I saw the ball coming at me live.

49ers Linebacker Fred Warner on the Defense's Week 4 Performance

We came out strong. Our emphasis was just execution. We wanted to make sure we came out and it started the way we did. I was proud of the way we started. We just needed to keep that same level as the game went on.

Warner on the Team's Mindset After Losing Two Games at Home

It is always urgent after a loss. It's not that there wasn't urgency after last week's loss. That one stung a lot because of the manner that we lost. It is always going to sting, though, especially in the division. We're going to be mad about it after losing like that. So, there is always a sense of urgency, and it's even at a heightened level I'd say. For myself, and I speak for the rest of the team, we are all going to look at ourselves and see how we can get better. It starts as soon as I leave this spot right here. I've got to try and find ways to get the ball out and try and create more takeaways and I know that will lead to a higher percentage for us to win games.

Defensive Lineman Nick Bosa on Needing to Create More Turnovers

I think we played pretty well. I think we came with the right mentality and we were running into the ball, trying to get turnovers and we were close to a few of them, but sometimes it's luck with turnovers and we can't seem to get them right now. But we just have to keep going.

Bosa on the Mood in the Locker Room Postgame

It's not good whenever you lose, but I think we have a good team and the right mentality and I think we'll be ready to go for next week.

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Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll's Opening Statement

This was a really good game for us today. We were really challenged and we started so poorly, both sides of the ball, and then it took us some time to get going, and what happened today was really important for us. We just talked about how we were going to keep hanging no matter what happened, we were going to keep hanging, keep hanging, and it didn't matter what the game felt like, it looked like, and we needed every bit of it before it was over. And so, the span in the middle of the game when the offense went four out of five drives and the defense went eight straight drives without giving them a point, that's where we gained control for us and turned around and fortunately, we were able to take advantage of that. So, it's always fun to come down here too and play, we're not in San Francisco, but they still call it San Francisco, so it's always fun to get that done too.

Carroll on Trey Lance's Performance

He was really resourceful. He did a good job running. It was tough. It would be, we hit pretty good on a couple of those runs and he bounced back. He's a good physical football player and you know, I'm sure that they wanted to get him to do all of the things that he does. He made a huge touchdown pass, we made a big mistake, but still he took advantage of it and so, I thought he did well. He was hard to deal with.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on His Spin-Out Touchdown Pass

We've had some good plays in my career. That was definitely a good one though. We had Dontae Johnson rushing off the edge there and whenever you see Nick Bosa right there next to you too and both of them are right there, uh oh *laughs*. So it was one of those moments. But it was definitely one of the top 10, I think. It was a good one.

Seahawks FS Quandre Diggs on His Week 4 Interception

Just kind of film study, the coaches giving me the opportunity to do a little something different. I have to take advantage of that when I get the opportunity. That is all that it was. I saw him go off of his first look and get to his second look and I pride myself on being a smart player. I have to make those plays and I was able to make it today.