What the 49ers and Rams Had to Say Following Week 10

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on His Goal to Have 40 Runs vs. Rams

Our goal, we said 40. Which I almost regretted, that's tough to do, but I'm glad I said it now. So, they came through with it and it was a huge team goal and it worked out well enough that way that we could do it.

I always say 30. But I said 40 today because 40 includes the whole team. The defense has to play that way, the offense has to play that way, the special teams have to play that way and you have to do good on third down. You have to get turnovers and you can't turn it back, so you steal some possessions that allows you to do it. And it was just really cool that the whole team played a way that you could dictate it that way.

Shanahan on Beating the Rams for the Fifth-Straight Matchup

Each game is different. They all have played out similarly though. We had a good week. Our guys seemed confident throughout the week. I know the Rams are a real good team, but we were ready to play them today and we were excited to.

Shanahan on the 49ers Defense Forcing Turnovers

That was huge. We knew going into that game that we wanted to make it as physical of a game as possible. We felt if we did that, it would come down to the turnover battle. Them coming up with two was huge and us being able to protect it.

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on His Fourth Down TD Pass to Deebo Samuel

Yeah, it was not really the way the play was designed. I would say just kind of happened. The middle of the field kind of opened up. I saw one of their safeties come down and tried to move him to the right a little bit and Deebo did the rest. Got him the ball. That guy, especially when we play the Rams, maybe that's the mindset part, but when we play the Rams, Deebo always comes out ready to roll.

Garoppolo on if the Team's Week 9 Loss was a Wake Up Call

Sort of. I don't want to call it a true wake up. It kind of put our backs against the wall for a second. But it made us focus more during the week of practice, which I really liked. And I think we have to do that going forward. That's how you know. This league isn't easy. Every team's good. Jacksonville is going to come in here next week. Or we're going to go (to Jacksonville) ready to roll. And it's just, you always have to be ready.

Garoppolo on the Offense's 18-Play Drive to Open the Game

It got us into a rhythm for sure. I mean 18 plays, I think it was, that's the way we want to do it. I don't know how many runs we had on that, but just running the ball, converting on third downs and scoring at the end. I don't want to say it took their soul away, but it definitely did something.

49ers Defensive Lineman Nick Bosa on the Team's Week 10 Performance

Just coming out, starting fast, getting off the field, getting a couple of turnovers early and just getting the momentum going our way. Obviously, the offense ran the ball really well, which always helps us and keeps us fresh.

Bosa on Moving Along on the D-Line

I like to switch it up.

Staying on one guy the whole game gets a little old and this was really this first game where we had a lot of pass rush opportunities. I only went to the right for a few reps tonight. I like going both sides and I'm equally comfortable on each side.

49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel on the 49ers "Game Changer" Chain

The necklace came from Jason Verrett. He got it for the team whenever you make a play, you put it on. So that's where that came from.

49ers Tight End George Kittle on Defending Von Miller in His Rams Debut

It was awesome. I know like there was a highlight, I got a pancake on it and, yes, that was an awesome play. Kyle Juszczyk helped me out a ton on that. We did that all night with all those motions. We had Juice doing it. We had Jeff Wilson Jr. doing it. We had Deebo doing it. We had Trent Sherfield doing it. And so just the fact that we can use all these guys that have a physical mindset and an aggressive mindset on those plays, it allows us to attack those outside edges when they have fantastic outside edge players. Like (OLB Leonard) Floyd's really good. Von Miller's really good. They have studs out there, but when you can double-team those and then get up to a DB, it makes your life a little bit easier. But yeah when you're on the ball 44 times, there's not much, anything better than that.

Kittle on His Reaction to Shanahan Saying the Offense Was Going to Rush 40 Times

Our whole offense like basically stood up and cheered. When you can play a physical game like that, you can dominate. The only reason you can run the ball 44 times is you have to control the ball, you have to take advantage of third downs, you have to convert third downs, you have to make plays. And that's what we were able to do all night. Coach Shanahan put us in positions to make plays. I thought everybody played at a high level. Offensive line, wide receivers, tight ends, fullbacks, running backs, Jimmy. I think we all played really well.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay's Opening Statement

We didn't play well enough to win that game tonight. Obviously hats off to the 49ers. So it was a humbling night for us as a team and a great opportunity for us to be able to take a deep breath, step away, look at the things that we need to correct. Particularly offensively over the last couple of weeks, it wasn't nearly good enough, but we'll look inwardly. We are going to figure this thing out and we are going to comeback freaking swinging. I promise you that all right for these last seven games of the regular season.

McVay on the 49ers Run Game

They did a good job. They were able to kind of just churn out yards and they were efficient on some of the third downs. Really when you look at it, we had two turnovers to start the game offensively. We're not playing complementary football and that is something that we've got to look at. We've got to play better as a team. That's why we've had the results that we have the last couple of weeks.

McVay on the Decision to Go for a Fake Field Goal

In hindsight it wasn't a good decision. So you know, that's my responsibility. It was something that we felt like we had a chance to work. They made the play, we didn't, and that falls on my shoulders.

Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford on His Two Interceptions

First one, they did a nice job peeling with the back, covered (Los Angeles Rams WR) Cooper (Kupp) with some depth from the nickel. Probably should've just run that ball, maybe out to the right, I don't know if I'd get anything or throw it away. Just too aggressive, throwing it down the field. Shouldn't have done it. Second one, I'm throwing that ball to (Los Angeles Rams TE Tyler Higbee) Higs just like that every time, uncharacteristic, just something that is a hazard to playing the position. Sometimes those things happen. Obviously, wish they wouldn't, but I trust all our guys to make those plays and those things just happen. But it put us behind the eight ball early and playing against a good team like that, that can control the clock, control the ball the way they can, that's not the way you want to play those guys from behind early on.

Rams Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on His Preparation for Week 10

They did a phenomenal job at helping me get adjusted to the playbook and do all of those things... I think we have to remember that this is the National Football League and any given Sunday any team can win. Tonight the Niners came out and they played better than us on all phases of the game. That is really the moral of the story. There is no trying to find out what happened they just outplayed us.

Beckham Jr. on Losing a Divisional Game

It is definitely tough. They put the game plan together. They executed. It is any given Sunday. They came out to play tonight and it was their night and you have to tip your hat to them and tell them that you will see them down the road. Focus on that down the road but don't forget it and be ready for it next time.

Rams Outside Linebacker Von Miller on the Rams "Monday Night Football" Loss

Yeah we were kind of behind the eight ball a little bit and they were able to just run. They're a great running football team. They're a great team in general, especially when you're playing from behind. I don't think their record is a clear indication of the type of team they are and they proved it today. We started out 14 points behind them and they could just run and power and do all this stuff. I still feel like we had a chance in this game. It just got away from us.

Miller on His Connection with The Bay

The Bay Area has always been good to me. Even before I was here, we played the Raiders and only lost maybe once in that stadium. This is my second time losing here. I came here with the Broncos in I want to say 2018 and we lost a tough one. But this stadium has always been good to me. The Bay Area has always been good to me. I love the Bay Area, San Francisco, Oakland. Even though we lost, it still feels good to be here. It still feels good to be a part of the fog and the smells and just be here in The Bay and in San Jose, it's always been good to me.