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What the 49ers and Rams are Saying Ahead their Week 2 Matchup

The San Francisco 49ers will open up their divisional slate against the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium. Here's what both teams had to say ahead of their Week 2 matchup.

Niners Liners

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on his familiarity with the Rams roster:

"We have such a history, with the coaching staffs and the players being similar for so long. There's a lot of new guys out there, and with them playing in one game, we're trying to figure out some of their new players that you don't have a history with. However, once you turn on the tape and try to see it, you don't know some of the guys, but you definitely know No. 99 (DL Aaron Donald) and you know the quarterback (Matthew Stafford). Then you watch the schemes, and nothing's really different. It's two really good schemes on both sides of the ball and two great players. It looks very similar and the result was very similar with what they've had in the past."

Shanahan on the most challenging part of facing a Sean McVay led offense:

"Aaron Donald being on it would be the number one thing. They have got some really good players, but they're always going to be sound. They're always going to have a good scheme. They're always going to put their players in good positions. Starting with the offense, which is where it starts with Sean, but it's been no different with the defense and special teams either. Those guys are always coached up well. They're ready to go, and they know how to put their really good players in real good situations."

Shanahan on Stafford playing without his top target, wide receiver Cooper Kupp:

"(His performance was) as good as it can be. That was evident and why they played so well. He looked like Matt Stafford, which is one of the best quarterbacks to play over the last couple decades."

Defensive coordinator Steve Wilks on defending Rams receivers Puka Nacua and Tutu Atwell:

"Well, I think it all starts with Stafford. Kupp is out, but as you mentioned, they have capable receivers that can get the job done. And they did a great job last week controlling and running the football more than they have shown in the past. I think he did an excellent job as far as putting the ball where it needed to be. Great seven-ball route on the sideline. He came down with that. It's not so much about really trying to defend certain guys, it's more about the quarterback and what we can do with him."

Quarterback Brock Purdy on game planning for the Rams twice last season and now making his first start against them:

"Yeah, in a sense (it's weird I haven't started against them). Last year, the two games, we game planned for them and then, I didn't play in either of them. Now, it's my third time doing it. It feels like I have played against them, but I haven't. I'm excited to."

Purdy on running back Christian McCaffrey's last three-touchdown performance against the Rams last season:

"I remember his first week with Kansas City. I was excited like, 'How are we going to use Christian McCaffrey in our offense? What are we going to do?' We had certain plays that he was able to come in halfway through the week and play. Then, once he had a full week under his belt, going into the Rams week, and his versatility to be able to use him (like we were going to)... I was like, 'This is going to be fun to watch. I don't think anyone's really going to expect what we're about to do with him.' We were all pumped about it. And then when he actually performed and did what he did, we're like, 'Man, this is going to be fun having him in our offense now with everyone else.' It was exciting."

Defensive lineman Nick Bosa on his respect for Stafford:

"Stafford is one of the best in the league, and he showed that last week. We're going to have to pressure him and make him uncomfortable. As for the O-line, it's pretty revamped, new guys, so we'll have to watch some tape and get feel."

Rams Quotes

Donald on how the 49ers spread the ball out:

"You've got to look at all that because I think all that ties into what they do. They want you to play aggressive at times, so they can get that cutoff with the running back. They have a good back, so you have to be stout, you have to be squared and you have to play with good technique to be able to play against a back like that. He could skinny through little holes and make plays for 50-yards, 60-yard runs on you. You've got to be stout. You got to be disciplined, and then, when your opportunities come to take those chances, you take them and you got to make the plays."

Defensive coordinator Raheem Morris on scheming up Shanahan:

"He is also a pain in the neck. It's fun. You take a challenge in these types of things when you're going against Kyle. I get that same exuberance in practice having (Rams offensive coordinator) Mike LaFleur here, having (Rams head coach) Sean McVay here. Like those type of fun tendencies come out, that competitive edge... We've got our body mannerisms. I know when he's talking junk. I know his mannerism when he dropped his script, let it hang for a little while. That's basically his little swag move. So we've got our little things that we do as friends and that we do as family. Those things come out in practice with Sean when he's going, he just sprints all over the place and you can't find him to get the next call to find out what the personnel grouping is. All of those things happen because we've coached together, we've worked together and we've done so many things together. We have so much respect for each other, but we definitely, no mistake about it, want to go out there and beat each other."

Head coach Sean McVay on familiarity with the 49ers:

"I think you've got to be able to go execute. I mean, these are great players. It's a great scheme. They've got a new coordinator in Steve Wilks, but there's still a lot of continuity, and you saw a lot of similar things that have made them the best, especially on that side of the ball. Man, did they look really good in both of the other phases as well. It was a complete team performance that they put together. I wasn't surprised at all. We know how special they are, and it's going to be a great challenge. I think we're continuing to figure out how do we put together a great week of preparation and then ultimately, how do we give our guys a chance to go play to the best of their ability and go shoot their shot on Sunday. It's going to be fun."

McVay on the key to success against the 49ers:

"A complete team effort. It's going to take everybody playing at their best, and it's a great challenge. The biggest thing is they've been a great team. They've done a great job. It's a real credit to Kyle and that organization and their players, their coaches, and so it's been challenging. Hats off to them, and we're going to do our best to try to be able to come away with the result that we're hunting up. The previous games, every single week is a new entity. Every single year is a new year, and so, one thing that hasn't changed is they're a great team again. We have a great challenge at SoFi this week."

Stafford on the 49ers stout defense:

"Their guys in the back end do a great job of understanding what their guys in the front seven are doing as far as, 'Okay, can we be more aggressive on these routes? Can we be less aggressive? How many guys are we sending forward? What are we expecting the quarterback to have to do here as far as get the ball out timing wise?' It's a first-round pick at basically every spot you look at. They have a bunch of talent and a bunch of players playing at a high level, fast, physical. They communicate great. (They're a) really, really solid defense."

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