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The Top 10 Plays of the Season looks back at the 10 best plays of the 2013 season.

10. Boldin's Touchdown in Seattle
Midway through the third quarter of the NFC title game, Colin Kaepernick threw a 26-yard TD strike to Anquan Boldin over the outstretched arms of Seahawks safety Earl Thomas... **READ MORE**

9. Morris, Osgood Create TD
With the game still in reach for the Tennessee Titans, special teams ace Kassim Osgood recovers a muffed punt in the end zone to seal a 49ers victory in Week 7... **READ MORE**

8. Kap's 58-yard Run
Colin Kaepernick scrambled for the longest run in his career, and the longest run by a QB in playoff history, in the 2nd quarter of the NFC Championship game... **READ MORE**

7. Gore Scores 34-yard TD vs. Rams
On 4th-and-one Frank Gore breaks free for a 34-yard Touchdown vs. the St. Louis Rams in Week 4... **READ MORE**

6. Brooks Stops Newton on 4th Down
The No. 6 play on the countdown of the top plays of the year is Ahmad Brooks' goal line stop on 4th down in the Divisional round playoff game... **READ MORE**

5. Skuta Scoops and Scores
Linebacker Dan Skuta runs a fumble recovery all the way back for a touchdown capping off a dominant UK victory in Week 8... **READ MORE**

4. Kap Scores 'Super' Touchdown
Colin Kaepernick runs for a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers in the Divisional round of the playoffs... **READ MORE**

3. Davis' Toe Drag
Vernon Davis' scores a touchdown with an impressive, toe-dragging, 1-yard reception against the Carolina Panthers... **READ MORE**

2. Gore Breaks Away For a 51-yard TD
Frank Gore seals a Week 14 victory against the Seattle Seahawks with a 51-yard scamper... **READ MORE**

1. The Pick at The 'Stick
NaVorro Bowman seals Candlestick's legacy with a historic pick six... **READ MORE**

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