What They Said: Coaches and Players Recap #SFvsNYJ

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Gives Injury Updates

"(For) Jimmy Garoppolo, a high ankle sprain is what we have now. Nick Bosa is most likely an ACL. We have to confirm that tomorrow, but most likely. Solomon Thomas, from what I'm told, is a little bit in the same boat as Bosa, but he has a better chance of it not being that from what I'm told, but we'll wait to see. Raheem Mostert, I don't think it was that. He has some knee issues from the game on that turf."

Shanahan on Garoppolo's Performance in the First Half and Nick Mullens in the Second

"I thought Jimmy made some good plays. We had a long drive that would not have happened if he didn't scramble. He had a hell of a play on that to keep the drive going or it would have been three-and-out, and it led to a touchdown. I thought that was huge. He hurt his ankle pretty early and tried to battle through it. He couldn't go anymore at halftime. I thought Nick Mullens came in and made a couple of big plays. For the most part, we were running the ball and he didn't have to do a ton. I know he messed up (on the interception). That ball was a little high from what I saw. I think he'll be a lot more ready next week with the preparation."

Shanahan on How the Defensive Line Stepped Up

"From what I saw, they did a hell of a job. They kept them out of the end zone until that last drive. I know we had some guys who had to play out of position a little bit, especially when (Solomon) went out also. We didn't have as many guys up. Those guys had to battle throughout the whole game. The players and coaches just rotating those guys and trying to keep them going as much as they could. It happened early and those guys had to strap it on the rest of the game. They did a hell of a job doing that."

49ers Quarterback Nick Mullens on How He Felt He Performed in Place of Jimmy Garoppolo

"I thought I did a decent job of operating the game. You come in with a what, three-possession lead? So, your job is just to manage the game, move the chains and create a rhythm. Obviously, we got into some second-and-long, third-and-long situations. Great run by Jerick McKinnon to save that drive. But overall, just lead the offense and stay on schedule, move the chains and preserve the victory."

Mullens on Brandon Aiyuk in His NFL Debut

"It was awesome for Brandon. We're super excited for him. He was smooth. Just focused. Ever since he's been here, he's had that focused mindset. I think I saw that today. I know he didn't have a ton of catches, but when he had the ball in his hands, he got good yards after catch. We're excited and that's a step going forward."

49ers Linebacker Fred Warner on Having Multiple Players Out with Injuries

"A lot of guys went down today and my heart and prayers go out to them. That's what a lot of guys are thinking about right now. It's tough. It's a tough game. To have this many injuries this early on is a sucky situation. It's next man up. But, like I said, our hearts and prayers are with the guys that went down."

49ers Left Tackle Trent Williams on Raheem Mostert's 80-yard Touchdown Run

"I just saw a red blur go down the right side. Once Raheem gets into the open field it's pretty much curtains. He's the closest thing in the NFL to seeing Chris Johnson, since Chris Johnson. We know as an O-line that all we have to do is get him to the second level and he'll take care of the rest. He's a heck of a player. Glad to have him on the team. I think he does a lot for us."

Jets Head Coach Adam Gase's Opening Statement

"Obviously, we did not play the game that we needed to play. We needed to eliminate all of the explosive plays on defense. We didn't do that. We had to do a good job of moving the ball, staying third and manageable. We actually did that in the first half on offense, but we didn't score when we got our chances in the red zone. We just didn't do enough as a team to really do anything against these guys. When you play a good team, even with the guys they had down, we have to find a way to be more consistent and play complementary football at some point."

Jets Quarterback Sam Darnold on the Mood in the Locker Room Postgame

"We just lost a football game, so no one's jumping around and screaming, but it sucks. No one's yelling at each other. We understand that we have to stay together. It's only our second game of the season. Obviously, we didn't envision these two games going like this but we've just got to keep our heads down and go to work and get ready for a tough Indy team."

Jets Running Back Frank Gore on His Performance in Week 2 Loss

"The NFL is tough. But we've got to get better as a team, period. Offense, defense, special teams, we've just got to get better. ...I feel like I could have played better. I left something else out there that could have helped this team early on."