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Off the Field: Deebo Samuel's Ice Bath Conversation with Kevin Hart 🧊

Ice baths are Deebo Samuel's least favorite form of recovery, even explaining that there are "a million other ways" to recover from a workout. However, the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver took to the cold tubs to be a special guest on comedian Kevin Hart's "Cold as Balls" video series.

While getting deeper into the ice baths, the duo talked about life on and off the field. From Samuel's NFL Draft experience to the 2022 NFC Championship Game, the athlete and comedian found laughter in even the toughest of stories.

Samuel went back to his childhood to explain how he was first introduced to the game of football. At first, he wasn't a fan and would rather play basketball.

"My dad was my football coach until I got to the seventh grade," Samuel said. "I didn't even like playing football, I was a basketball guy... But my dad was my coach and my older brother played, and you know, you've got to be there."

"Shout out to your dad," Hart replied jokingly. "That Joe Jackson mentality."

Samuel shared that he started his football journey as a running back, and when he was recruited with the unbounded position of "athlete" at the University of South Carolina, that's where he developed into a wide receiver.

Fast forward to 2023 and Samuel has become one of the best wide receivers in the league, earning Pro Bowl and AP First-Team All-Pro honors and being recognized in the top 20 players in the NFL.

Hart is a longtime Philadelphia Eagles fan, so the conversation was bound to include some amusing trash talk. The two went back and forth on which team was the best in the NFC and even covered trash talk that happens on the field.

When Hart asked which player intimidates Samuel the most, the wide receiver said he is the one who intimidates his competition.

Samuel and Hart also discussed accomplishments in the wide receiver's life off the field. Samuel shared some of the best moments in his personal life including buying his family a house and spending time with his one-year-old son.

To check out Samuel and Hart's full episode, click here.

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