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Off the Field: Behind the Scenes of Team Photo Day 📸

The initial 53-man roster has been set and the team is now shifting their focus to Week 1 of the regular season.

Before the team's game preparations for their matchup against the Chicago Bears, every member of the San Francisco 49ers gathered on the practice field at the SAP Performance Facility to show off their smiles for the official team photo.

Check out what it took for San Francisco's crew to set up for the 49ers team photo day:

Go behind-the-scenes with our photography crew and see what it takes to set up for the 49ers team photo day.

Over 160 49ers members were included in the official team photo, including San Francisco's roster, coaching staff, team trainers and other team staff. In order to fit everyone in the photo, the 49ers photography crew spent multiple days assembling a steep bleacher set.

"You go nice and slow because you want to make sure that everything is sturdy and you don't have any problems," 49ers director of photography services Terrell Lloyd said. "You just want to make sure you've got every piece, every bolt, everything clamped down and you've tested, you've got your braces... there's hundreds of million of dollars on these frames and you don't want to have any accidents."

For Lloyd, his favorite part of team photo day is getting the entire team together in one spot.

"This is the first time we're taking the photo this early so I'm excited about it. We had the cuts, now the team is set and ready to go. I'm really excited about this team photo, specifically in 2022."

After getting photo-ready in the locker room, most of the team walked over to the field for picture day – others like safety George Odum arrived in style.

Plenty of selfies and team bonding took place behind the scenes of the official team photo. The 49ers players took advantage of their time together to capture content for their personal social media pages. Rookie lineman Kalia Davis shared the 49ers D-line squad grinning on the 'gram!

Taking it a step further, defensive lineman Arik Armstead had a laugh creating a TikTok that showcased the many personalities of his teammates from the set of team photo day.

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