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Morning Report: 49ers 2021 Strength of Schedule

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Here are the top 49ers headlines for Wednesday, February 24.

New and Notable

How the 49ers 2021 Strength of Schedule Compares to the Rest of the League

Following a disappointing 6-10 season that landed the 49ers at the bottom of a stacked NFC West, San Francisco is looking to heal up and rebuild for 2021. While each team's schedule has not yet been revealed, NFL.com analyzed all 32 clubs' opponents to release their 2021 strength of schedule rankings, with the 49ers situated in the middle of the pack. Check out where they landed below.

Top 15 Hardest Schedules in 2021:

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (.563)
  2. Baltimore Raven (.559)
  3. Chicago Bears (.553)
  4. Detroit Lions (.543)
  5. Cincinnati Bengals (.539)
  6. Minnesota vikings (.537)
  7. Las Vegas Raiders (.527)
  8. Aaron Rodgers (.521)
  9. Cleveland Browns (.520)
  10. Houston Texans (.516)
  11. Jacksonville Jaguars (.511)
  12. Los Angeles Rams (.504)

t-13. San Francisco 49ers (.502)

t-13. New York Jets (.502)

t-15. Los Angeles Chargers (.496)

t-15. Arizona Cardinals (.496)

t-15. Seattle Seahawks (.496)

t-15. New England Patriots (.496)

49ers New Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryans Speaks with the WON Digital Magazine

What are qualities that you have seen from LB Fred Warner as a player and a leader?

What I saw from him, you'd think he's a veteran. The way he continues to progress, he's, of course, a mature guy and carries himself so well. He's all business all the time. You did see Fred progress throughout the year. To me, I thought he was one of the top linebackers in the league his first year. I think he continues to prove that and he has more to prove. I think he got a taste of being one of the top guys, what it takes, week in and week out. Fred is consistent, he's dependable, he's tough, he's relentless. He's everything you want in a linebacker.

How did your successful playing career translate into coaching and connecting with the players?

I've been there so I can help them. I think playing really helped me when we're talking in the room about life skills, not only football. Football will take care of itself, but being in their position with things that happen off the field. I've been there, I can relate to the guys and I can give them some good advice because of the things I've been through.

Read the full interview in the February edition of the WON Digital Magazine.

Quick Hits

According to Pro Football Focus, George Kittle is the NFL's second-highest graded player since 2019 behind only Aaron Donald.


After making the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection semifinals in his first two years on the ballot, Patrick Willis has yet to breakthrough to 15 finalists, but he isn't letting that affect this future. "I just try to be in the now," Willis said. "If it takes another 20 years, that would be awesome. I'd rather see guys that are older and being able to enjoy it get my slot and I'll wait another three or four or five or 10 or 20 years to get in when I'm older. ... With that being said, if it happens one day it will be awesome. If not, it will still be awesome." Read More >>>

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