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WR Chris Conley
WR Chris Conley

Just ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers signed free agent Chris Conley to a one-year deal.

Keep reading to learn more about San Francisco's newest wide receiver.

Road to the NFL

The University of Georgia alumnus finished his collegiate career with 177 receptions for 1,938 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Conley impressed the league at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine, where he even received the title of the "Combine's Most Athletic WR" by Bleacher Report. The receiver recorded the longest vertical jump (45"), longest broad jump (11'7"), fourth-fastest 40-yard dash (4.35 seconds) and the fourth-most bench press (18 reps) out of his position group.

He went on to be drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, who traded a third and sixth round pick to the Minnesota Vikings in order to move up and select Conley with the 76th-overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Self-Proclaimed "Nerd"

Conley first dove into the sport of football in high school, allowing him time to focus on his studies and find other hobbies throughout his younger childhood.

"In my household, it was about doing well in school before excelling on any sort of playing field," Conley said. "We were able to pick up instruments and books and that was really the extent of what we did... It wasn't until high school that I was able to branch out into football. Having gone so long without it, I truly did appreciate the opportunity to play and I also knew who Chris was apart from the game."

Some hobbies Conley has carried into adulthood are playing instruments like the piano and guitar, e-gaming and watching and creating movies. He'll easily get along with his newest teammates on San Francisco's offense such as Christian McCaffrey who also is passionate about making music and George Kittle who shares a favorite video game with the receiver, Halo.

"I consider myself a nerd... I'm more of the comic books, sci-fi, video games type of guy. I think that those are great reprieves for people to get away from their daily lives and just imagine what could be. I think that's good for the brain."

Run-Blocking WR

What makes head coach Kyle Shanahan's offensive scheme unique is that every player, no matter their position, blocks efficiently to execute a play.

Conley prides himself on his blocking skills, posting run-blocking grades over 80.0 in two of his previous four seasons.

"I think I'm one of the best run-blocking wide receivers in the league. I've thought that since I got in the league all that time ago, and I don't think any of that has changed."

Importance of Mentorship

One of Conley's passions outside of football is mentoring.

"I've always been big into mentoring... passing on the wisdom that others have passed on to me. There's no way that I would have gotten here if it wasn't for people who spoke to me and guided me."

Coming into the league, Conley mentioned one of his biggest mentors was former wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

"Jeremy's been a guy who's come up alongside of me and given me a lot of constructive criticism. He has really taken the time to work with me in the offseason and during the season, so I owe a lot of my progress to him."

NFL Journey

Over his eight-year NFL career with the Chiefs (2015-18), Jacksonville Jaguars (2019-20), Houston Texans (2021-22) and Tennessee Titans (2022), Conley has appeared in 109 games (63 starts) and registered 217 receptions for 2,853 yards and 15 touchdowns.

He has also appeared in five postseason games (two starts) where he recorded eight receptions for 61 yards and one touchdown.

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