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49ers Doing Things in Training Camp


Back in July, #Niners365 brought you a solid list of Colin Kaepernick "doing things."

The Internet was never the same again. Kidding.

With that same comedic spirit, we scanned the World Wide Web and our photo archives to showcase 16 examples of the Niners "doing things" in training camp.


Key and Peele or Dave Chappelle? — Jonathan A. Martin (@J_Martin71) July 12, 2014

**Reenacting Scenes from *The Lion King


Celebrating Birthdays

Thanks for all the happy bdays! — Andy Lee (@AndyLee4) August 11, 2014

Avoiding the Paparazzi


Trying to Grow Beards

Currently seeking for a surrogate beard father, help a young man achieve his dream #babyface — Shayne Skov (@ShayneSkov) August 15, 2014

Impersonating Goal Posts


Dreaming Big

I wish Uber had Helicopters in the fleet. — Bam Davis (@AnthonyDavis76) August 13, 2014

Enjoying Bacon

Chick fil a has bacon now!!! — Jewel Hampton (@JewelHamp) August 15, 2014

Developing Secret Handshakes


Having Snacks

The white cheddar CHEEZ-IT s are fire... — Cøøl Runnings™ (@morrisCODE_tr3) August 5, 2014

Staying Hydrated


Cold Plunges

A WR best friend when your not on the field #IceTub #KeepThemLegsRight #IDGT 💯 #TBG

A post shared by Lil Pat (@generalp_10) on

Raising Money for Charity

Looking forward to the #SackFrancisco launch and hoping all of the #Faithful join us in our battle… — daniel skuta (@Dskuta51) July 28, 2014

Looking for Contact Lenses


Answering Fan Mail

Just finished answering about 30 fan letters with my Dad. Anyone who had them sent from last December! I'm caught up! — Vance Coman McDonald (@VMcDonald89) August 16, 2014

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