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Colin Kaepernick Doing Things

Posted Jul 21, 2014

The Niners quarterback has fun on social media and so here’s a roundup of him, of course, doing things like…

I’m a Kanye West fan. I admit it.

Let’s just get that out of the way.

I know some people are turned off by him and that’s fine. This isn’t a tribute to him, nor is it an excuse to publicize his celebrity. I'll get to the point. I brought his name up to explain why I wrote a “Colin Kaepernick Doing Things” headline.

I recently discovered a funny Instagram account called @kanyedoingthings. On that page you see Kanye eating ice cream, zip-lining, making cookies – basically doing a lot of things that most of us do in our free time.

The account got me thinking, what would a “Colin Kaepernick Doing Things” account look like? It would have a lot of football practice pictures, workouts shots, sneaker collecting and other things. The Niners quarterback is definitely about his business and we respect that. But this is #Niners365, the lifestyle blog, so let's have a little fun with Kap's social media posts.

Here’s a roundup of the Niners quarterback, doing things like…

... #Kaepernicking with the First Lady

... supporting his charity of choice, Camp Taylor

... hanging with Joe Montana

... hanging with Jerry Rice

... hanging with Big Boi from Outkast

... hanging with country star Luke Bryan

... hanging with a garden gnome

... hanging with Guy Fieri

... hanging with Bob Sugar

... using a quill pen for an important signature

... walking into Candlestick Park for last time

... taking airplane selfies

... flying the airplane

... resting on the airplane

... playing chess with the family

... hosting award shows

... running on the beach

... wearing a bow-tie

... wearing a beanie

... wearing a horse mask

... saluting our troops

... lifting a lot of weight

... dropping his phone, just like all of us

... eating at Cheesecake Factory with Bruce Miller

... showing love to the San Francisco Giants
... showing love to the Golden State Warriors

... winning an ESPY

... winning an NFC Championship Game

and ... 

What's next for Kap?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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