15 San Francisco 49ers and Their Giants Equivalents

The San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants will soon compete with sports teams from St. Louis.

The 49ers visit the St. Louis Rams for "Monday Night Football," while the Giants open the National League Championship Series against the Cardinals on Saturday.

Besides their upcoming road trips, both SF teams have a lot in common.

We looked at 15 notable Giants players and found their counterparts with the Niners.

1. FS Eric Reid is CF Gregor Blanco

Quiet and unassuming, both are known for how they defend the deep middle of the field.


Opening Day 2015 inspired us to revisit current and former players' trips to the yard.

  1. DB Jimmie Ward is 2B Joe Panik**

Two rookies counted on by their respective clubs to play like veterans.

3. LB Joe Staley is C Buster Posey

Leaders of their respective franchises and clutch performers.

4. G Alex Boone is RF Hunter Pence

Intensity personified. Pre-game speeches are epic, too.

5. SS Antoine Bethea is 3B Pablo Sandoval

Underrated defenders and heavy hitters who contribute to team success.

6. WR Michael Crabtree is 1B Brandon Belt

Two impact performers who are back from injury to spark the offense.

7. WR Stevie Johnson is SS Brandon Crawford
A pair of Bay Area athletes who are contributing to their hometown teams.
8. LB Dan Skuta is LF Travis Ishikawa

Key performers who are filling in for injured starters.


  1. QB Colin Kaepernick is P Madison Bumgarner**

Country hardball at its finest. Two accurate throwers with a ton of heat on their fastballs.10. DT Justin Smith is P Jake Peavy

Tough. Nasty. Intense on gameday.

11. WR Anquan Boldin is P Tim Hudson

Two solid citizens who are professional in every way.

12. LB Aaron Lynch is P Hunter Strickland

The new guys on the scene. Both are big, strong, difference-makers for their clubs.

13. RB Frank Gore is P Sergio Romo

Can close out games if needed, but these two have recently been setting up victories.
14. RB Pierre Garçon is P Yusmeiro Petitt

These two give you starter-like production off the bench.

15. CB Perrish Cox is P Santiago Casilla

They seem to always have the ball in their hands last.
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