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What They Said: Coaches and Players Recap #SFvsLAR

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on the Team's Performance against the Rams

"They were amazing all game. They were amazing last time we played them. The game, it was the exact type of game that we were hoping for. Just early in the week from a game plan standpoint and knowing we had to run the ball and do all those things and we wanted to make it kind of a grimy-type game. When we had those three turnovers on offense, it's very tough to win that type of game. That's what made it so close, but when the defense ends up getting four turnovers, then it gives you a chance to spite that. So, I can't say enough about those guys and the staff."

Shanahan on Deebo Samuel

"I can't tell you how good Deebo Samuel was today. I always mess with him because I'm a very soft compliment type of guy. You've never arrived, you always get better. So Deebo has got a lot to work on. But he's one of the best football players I've been around. It doesn't matter how good it is or how good it looks, he's going to get it done. Some of those plays that he made in the first half, I mean the big run that he had on the same run that he had last time. Just the physicality he plays with. That's all we were trying to do there in the last drive, just especially to getting the field goal range, is throw a quick one to Deebo and he came through every single time. The way he blocked, the way he ran, the other time we got down there got a field goal, I think in the third quarter, it started off with a six-yard throw and Deebo ran through some people. So, I love that guy. But he's got to still keep getting a lot better at everything else."

Shanahan on Nick Mullens' Performance in Week 12

"I mean today he overthrew Jordan Reed on a double move, but the corner was bailing in three deep and he didn't have enough time to really see it. We were trying to take a shot. I think right when he threw it, he got hit. But that was overthrown. If you could see it, I'd love to progress and check it down or put it on Jordan more. But he let it rip a couple of times today. He let one go down the middle for a big throw. I thought he hit Kyle Juszczyk on the sidelines for a big throw there on that second to last drive. I was real impressed with Nick Mullens today. I mean, it's not an easy position at all, going against that defense. If you watch how they played versus a lot of people, it was very tough today - the whole defense, the scheme and especially 99 (Rams DL Aaron Donald). Nick's tough, keeps battling and kept coming back. That pick that he had was just unfortunate on the tip, but he never went into a shell and just held onto the ball. He kept letting it rip and made enough plays for us to win the game."

49ers Quarterback Nick Mullens Reviews #SFvsLAR

"It was a rollercoaster. It was crazy. I feel like anything that could have happened in the game happened. It just shows the grit and the determination of this team. Was it perfect? Heck no, it wasn't perfect at all. But, the defense played incredible and the offense, I guess you could say we delivered when we had to. Obviously, it was great to get the guys back in Raheem Mostert, Deebo Samuel and Jeff Wilson Jr.. We found a way to pull it out and that's all that matters, a W the win column."

Mullens on His Mindset Heading into the Offense's Final Drive

"Definitely faced adversity during the game. I would have liked to make a couple more plays and take advantage of some opportunities. The biggest thing on the last drive, I was just trying to stay in the moment. That's really kind of what I've been telling myself – just stay in the moment. I mean, you're really only as good as your next play. So just keeping that mentality and not worrying about what happened previously, just play the next play and it led to success."

49ers Defensive Lineman Kerry Hyder Jr.  on Javon Kinlaw Recording His First-career Pick-six

"That was great to see. J.K.'s been working his butt off all year and to see him get into the end zone. Defensive players, especially D-linemen try their whole careers to get into the end zone. I'm just super excited for him. That was a great thing he had today."

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay's Opening Remarks

"Congratulations to the Niners. They did a great job getting it done. I liked the way that our team continued to battle. Defensively, gave us a chance getting back in it with the score, then we showed signs of life. But they didn't make nearly enough plays. Too many times we beat ourselves and we just have to play better. We're not taking good enough care of the football and that's something that's got to change. Otherwise, I'm going to continue to sit up here and say this week in and week out. It just can't continue to happen."

McVay on the Challenges of Defending Deebo Samuel

"He has great contact balance. He makes tough catches in traffic and then they utilize him as a runner, even though those go on the receiving stats when they just flip him the ball. He's that guy that really can serve as a good receiver, but also kind of that dual-purpose threat as a runner as well. He just sees it. He's a strong player. He has the contact balance that I talked about and he's a guy that's made big plays for them since he got in as a rookie last year."

Rams Quarterback Jared Goff on the 49ers Defense

"They did a good job. They had a good plan, they did a good job. But ultimately, it comes down to us executing and ultimately myself executing and taking care of the football and throwing it where it needs to be thrown and being smart with it."