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What They Said: Coaches and Players Recap #LARvsSF

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on Bouncing Back After the Week 5 Loss to the Miami Dolphins

"We always have a pretty big sense of urgency, but I think when you get embarrassed like we did last week, and when you get embarrassed like that, you can find out a lot about your team. We came in Monday and it was a hard day, but usually when stuff like that happens, guys either give in because it gets too hard and they try to hide and point fingers a little bit and just go through the motions or guys try to step it up and get better. Thought we had some good meetings on Monday, but you really don't know until you see guys on the field on Wednesday. I was very impressed with the character of our team and just how the players carried themselves and the way they came out to practice on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and really the way they responded to all of us getting embarrassed. They tried to get better this week and not worry about anything else. Usually when you do that and you can put together those types of practices, usually the results are better and I'm glad that they were because I thought they really earned it throughout the week and today."

Shanahan on the Performance of the Offensive Line

"I thought the O-line had a helluva game. I always wait to see the film, but I thought they cleared a bunch of good lanes for our backs. I thought they protected very well versus a very good front and the results, I think, speak for themselves. So, they did a helluva job."

Shanahan on Jason Verrett's Contributions to the Defense

"Jason's been great. You guys could see him in his coverages today. The play he made down in the red zone, the play he almost picked. He almost had his hands on a few of them. I know he got that one, but he almost had a number of them. And not just how he covers, but Jason's a man out there. The way he carries himself, the way he likes to mix it up. He loves playing football. He loves the physicality of the game and he's a great talent in terms of covering. I'm so pumped to have him on our team and I'm just happy for him that he's been able to get out there again."

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the Team's Mindset Heading into "Sunday Night Football"

"It was really just about coming into this game, you could feel in the locker room throughout the entire week, it was a different mindset that everyone had. The last couple of weeks before this, no one liked that feeling. It wasn't who we are as a team and I think this week it just kind of got us back right on track."

Garoppolo on the Offensive Line's Performance Against Aaron Donald and Co.

"I thought the O-line as a whole, just did a phenomenal job. It started with the run game and then the pass game. The pockets were clean all night. There were a couple third downs where I held the ball a little extra long, just the coverage was good, and they didn't get near me. I didn't get hit very much. Felt great coming out of this game. When the O-line plays like that, it sets the tone for our whole offense and they did it tonight."

49ers Tight End George Kittle on Using the Team's Week 5 Loss as Motivation to Improve

"The last time we were up here, we obviously were not happy about our performance. So the only thing to do was go back to work and that's what we did this week. You could feel it the whole week. The guys were locked in, they were focused. We ran the plays we're really good at. Guys got a lot of really good game reps tonight. I think we took a big step forward in our confidence as a team and we're rolling."

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay Recaps #LARvsSF

"Offensively, we just were never able to really get any sort of continuity. We had a lot of missed opportunities tonight. Some decisions that clearly I've got to do a better job with, but I think as a whole, there were just too many things that we're not accustomed to doing. You give credit to the 49ers, they did a nice job, but we made a lot of uncharacteristic decisions. We had a lot of our players that we count on that didn't come through in some situations that they typically do. It's a great learning opportunity for us. Defensively, a little bit of a slow start. I love the way we settled in. I thought they played excellent in the second half. There was a lot of physical, tough tackling, good third down stops. They gave us every opportunity to be able to get back in that game. Then with special teams, it was up and down. There were some good things, some things that we certainly have to do a much better job of."

McVay on How the 49ers Handled the Rams Pass Rush

"They do a good job of really mixing it up. They balance the run with the play actions. They had some good screens early on and I think Kyle does an excellent job. It was just the ability to be able to stay efficient on some of those early downs and then be able to commit a lot of guys to the protection. Then when they didn't, they had some screens and some different things that put a lot of stress on the defense."

Rams Quarterback Jared Goff on His End Zone Interception

"It was man coverage and they made a great play. I thought Jason Verrett played a really good game and it was a great play by him. He fell off his coverage and fell up underneath the ball and made a great play."

Goff on the NFC West

"We're in the best division in football and there's a reason for it. These guys are good. Arizona is good and Seattle's obviously undefeated. We're a great team so every time you play in this division, it's going to be a tough game and we know that coming in."