What the St. Louis Rams Said after 31-17 Loss

Here is what the St. Louis Rams had to say after their 31-17 "Monday Night Football" defeat at the Edward Jones Dome.

Coach Jeff Fisher

Opening statement:

"Well obviously I'm very disappointed. Disappointing for our players, after a fast start. They dealt with the emotions of the game early. We got up, and got some points and then obviously the chain of events that happened before half were pretty much hard for us to overcome. One was the offensive pass interference call on (TE) Jared (Cook). That's a points swing. We're in field goal range, we have a pretty good kicker, might even be seven (points). And then we come back and give up the long touchdown pass, so it's a big swing there. But it started with the OPI call... Then obviously we gave up the big plays... Fast start we just couldn't hang on."

On the first-hald offensive pass interference call on his tight end:

"I didn't get much of an explanation. I was a little confused as to what he was trying to say, so I just let it go. I saw it on the tape and a receiver has the right to run his route, disappointed in that... If anything it was a defensive foul, if anything. But again, I'll have to look at it. I just saw it once."

On Brandon Lloyd's 80-yard touchdown reception:

"Yeah, well it was a double move and he (CB Janoris Jenkins) should stay on top. In retrospect, we should probably not put him in that position. They were stalling a little bit, letting the clock run down. I even pondered using a timeout there to try to get the ball back, but it looked as if they were just going to take a shot. We have to get better than that as coaches and as players."

On the 49ers defensive effort:

"It's a good defense. It's a steady, collapsing the pocket type of power-rushing defense. They fit routes together and they are good open field tacklers. That's what they do, that's why they've been so successful over the years. But still, we had some plays, we had some opportunities that we just didn't take advantage of."

QB Austin Davis

On his assessment of the game:

"I think we just didn't play well enough to win. I felt like we got off to a quick start and couldn't do enough in the second half. It's a tough one."

On the 49ers pass-rush:

"I think they did some things a little differently and brought a little pressure. I've got to look at this film and see what I could do better. I thought there were times when I could have stayed in the pocket and done a better job. I'm obviously not looking forward to seeing the film, but I need to learn from it."

On the similarities to his game against the Dallas Cowboys:

"Sure, there was a similar outcome and a similar start. I knew when we were up 14-0 that we needed to play a 60-minute football game, so I tried to stay calm and just keep playing. They made more plays than we did."

On how the 49ers limited wideout Brian Quick:

"I don't know of anything specific. Honestly, I didn't feel like I had my best game, so it's probably some of what they did and some was the inability of me to get him the ball. We'll keep building on what we're doing and we'll try to do a better job next week."


On the 49ers second-half adjustments:**

"I thought they had us covered pretty tightly at times, but there were throws to be made and I know there were check-downs, probably. I probably flushed the pocket a little too soon at times. I'm looking forward to seeing that and seeing what I can learn from it."

LB James Laurinaitis

On Lloyd's 80-yard score:

"We're just in zone coverage. I'm not going to throw anybody under the bus. We had this coverage in specifically for this team and we just have to execute it."

On how the team was affected by the shift in momentum before halftime:

"It's way different. It's just a way different feel. We talked about it. We just have to put it behind us and go and go and go. We have to start second halves better. The end of first halves and the start of second halves we have been poor in my judgment. It's really frustrating trying to figure out what we have to do to change things. We're practicing well. That's what I was talking to (Jo-Lonn) Dunbar about. I'm dumbfounded. We practiced great for the Dallas week. We practiced great for the Philly week. We practiced well this week. We just aren't playing complete games and we aren't young anymore in my opinion. We have guys that have played a long time so why aren't we playing complete games. That goes for everybody. That's myself included. We just have to figure it out fast because nobody is going to feel sorry for you in this league. I promise you that Seattle isn't going to feel bad. We have a short week and we have to prepare our rear-ends off for the world champs."

DE Robert Quinn

On if the defense is still adjusting to Gregg Williams' coordination:

"No, like I said, for the most part we played great ball. They just had a few couple plays that hurt us in the end. Nothing against them Gregg, called a great game. Like I said, San Fran made a few good plays to give them the victory."

G Rodger Saffold

On the 49ers touchdown right before halftime:

"It hurt but it wasn't deflating, because you have to look at it because we're still in the lead... after everything that happen we were still in the lead, you're still managing it. It just comes down to execution, we made some mistakes. We shot ourselves in the foot again in a couple spots. We want to win, we play to win, we're playing hard to give ourselves a chance to put ourselves in position to tie the game at the end. It's just tough situations when the defense is allowed to pin the ears back and just rush and not even really rush but doing a bunch of games and different types of twists."

TE Lance Kendricks

On the early lead:

"I thought we started fast, that's one thing we really wanted to emphasize is to start fast. I think we're not finishing. We really have to put an emphasis on that, start being able to close out these games."

On putting together a complete game:

"Just keep everybody in it. Like you said we start fast when we want. Then we start slow when we don't. When we're ahead we can't settle. We've got to push on the accelerator and keep going. I think this coming week is going to be about finishing and being disciplined enough to stay focused and stay in the game if we're up or down."


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