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What the Media, Others are Saying about the 49ers GM/HC Search

It's been a week and a half since the San Francisco 49ers embarked on their search for a new general manager and head coach. As it stands, the team has interviewed six GM candidates and five more candidates for head coach.

Here's the list for GM: Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst, George Paton, Jimmy Raye III, Brandon Beane and Louis Riddick.

And for head coach: Anthony Lynn, Kyle Shanahan, Josh McDaniels, Sean McVay and Sean McDermott.

As of Wednesday morning, you can take McDermott off of the list as the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator has been announced as the next head coach of the Buffalo Bills. The remaining four coaches and six NFL execs are all still on the table to fill the vacancies within the 49ers organization.

Everyone from members of the media to former members of the 49ers organization have weighed in on the search. Here's some of what's been said.

Take a look at each potential general manager/head coach who has met with the 49ers, in order of when they took the interview.

MMQB's Peter King on the state of the hiring process:

"I've heard good things about the 49ers in their interviews. Why? Because they're willing to import a coach who would be in charge of reinventing the culture in San Francisco. And they're willing to be patient. By patient, I mean willing to give a long-term contract to a coach, listen to his recommendation for GM, and sell the locals that this is going to be a significant rebuild. Smart. There's no other way to do it and to have a chance."

Former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan on the team's chief strategy officer and EVP of football operations Paraag Marathe:

"I think Paraag, personally, I think he's one of the best at the job he does ... as far as the cap and contracts and really putting together all the information -- I'm just telling you, the son-of-a-gun is good. 

"I have absolutely zero questions in my mind how good he is. But the two of them have to put their heads together and pick the right guy."

NFL Network's Mike Silver on the crop of candidates for the openings:

"Lots of good candidates in the mix for these jobs."

MMQB's Albert Breer on McDaniels:

"McDaniels has had the inside track, and my understanding is that he preferred the Niners' situation to the other two he interviewed for, because this is a from-the-ground-up situation. No bad contracts, pick your own QB, high draft picks."

Take a look at some of the names being associated with San Francisco's second-overall pick.

San Francisco's Hall-of-Fame quarterback Steve Young on McDaniels (via KNBR):

"I'm on for that one. Absolutely. … That one meets the criteria.

"The idea that we're gonna take someone from the Patriots is almost like full circle for who we were. I like the symmetry of that one."

Bleacher Report's Jason Cole on what he's hearing:

"Increasing talk that Josh McDaniels and Louis Riddick are actually tied to each other for a coach/GM pairing with 49ers being the spot."

USA Today's Tom Pelissero on the 49ers finding candidates within championship cultures:

"If you're rooting for York to hire his new brain trust and then get out of the way, which you can bet is his preference, you should at least take it as a good sign the 49ers search is focused on people who have been around cultures that work and know what it's all supposed to look like. It's also apparent the 49ers' preference is to find a tandem with a pre-existing relationship (though not necessarily with one team) who respect one another and are confident they can work together."

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