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What the Giants and 49ers are Saying Ahead of the Week 3 Matchup

The countdown to the home opener is on! The San Francisco 49ers are a day away from their "Thursday Night Football" home opener versus the New York Giants. Here's what both teams had to say ahead of their Week 3 matchup.

Niners Liners

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on the short turnaround to the home opener:

"You feel extremely rushed. I saw the players a few hours ago, and it was the first time I saw them. I told them it was Wednesday morning and by the end of our first meeting, it was Thursday. That's how we explained it. Tomorrow morning is Friday, but by 10 o'clock it's the day before the game. It's weird. We're throwing four days into two days, as a coaching staff we throw two days into one day.

Shanahan on the challenge Giants quarterback poses to San Francisco's defense:

"(He's a) huge challenge. It starts with his legs, anytime you have that speed and you can run the ball like he does. They're willing to run him. He's willing to run. He's physical when he runs. He has the skill set to run away from people. Anytime you have a quarterback like that, the challenge that does schematically, unlocking your defense and making you have to play a certain way is always a pain. Then, he has the ability to play in the pocket and beat you that way too. He's getting better each year. We've all really loved him coming out, and one of the main reasons he took them to the playoffs last year. He played unbelievably well in that second half on Sunday."

Shanahan on wide receiver Deebo Samuel's start to the 2023 season:

"He's in much better condition. He had a much better training camp. He was able to get through it all and get better throughout it. Last year, he had some setbacks coming in, wasn't able to go through training camp and was in and out throughout the whole year. Now, it's just like camp. He's in the best shape, doesn't have to come out as much, doesn't have to take as many plays off and is playing as good as I've seen him play."

Quarterback Brock Purdy on the practice schedule this week:

"You have to jam pack installs and your days all together. You have two days really. For us, really today, you do your base, first, second down and third down, put it all together, go through a couple walkthroughs and meetings. You're just trying to pack everything in within a couple days and then be able to get your body right to play on Thursday. It's different. The preparation is more intense for both teams. You don't get four or five days of preparation to lengthen everything out. You have two days to put it all together and roll."

Defensive coordinator Steve Wilks on DL Nick Bosa's progress after spending an offseason away from the team:

"I think you'd probably have to ask him and he'll tell you he's definitely not satisfied with where he is. As a coach, (it's about) understanding that he wasn't here all offseason and to come in and take 32 snaps in the first game, I believe it was, and play last week. It's going to come. You saw the effort there. You saw the push across the board with those guys. Again, Stafford was getting rid of the ball so fast so I think it's only a time, only a matter of time."

Giants Quotes

Giants head coach Brian Daboll on Purdy and his early success (via Michael Eisen,

"He's a heck of a quarterback. I remember watching him when I was at Alabama, and he was coming out of high school. He had a fantastic college career. He's very cerebral, he's accurate. He makes quick decisions, obviously has good leadership about him. He's a heck of a quarterback and they've done a great job with him and give credit to the young man. He's done a great job since he's been out here of making good decisions, being accurate, throwing on time, being in rhythm and leading his offense."

Daboll on his decision to not rule out Barkley (via Michael Eisen,

"I'd say it's hard right now with not a lot of physical work, but I lean on the players, I lean on the medical staff and when a player tells me they feel a little bit better than they did or a lot better than they did, I'm not going to sit here and say he's out just yet. I have to have a conversation with someone, and you see him and they tell me how they're feeling. Whether he plays or not, I think just give him the opportunity all the way up to the game to see if he can do it or not."

(Giants quarterback Daniel Jones on his running back corps - Matt Breida, Gary Brightwell and Eric Gray - without Barkley (via Kay Adams on the Up & Adams Show):

"All three of those guys bring something a little bit different, and they're all really good players. Breida has been playing in the league for a long time. He's an extremely dependable player. He has the burst and the speed to take it all the way, and he's been big for us these past couple of years. Gary has also been really big. He runs hard and sees the field well. He's a great player. Then Eric, as a rookie, has done a good job through camp. It won't be one guy, obviously Saquon does a lot for us on offense. It will be all of us picking it up together."

Jones on his takeaway from the Giants comeback versus the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2 (via Kay Adams on the Up & Adams Show):

"We executed better, and I got the ball out of my hands quicker which gives the guys chances to make plays. I have to continue to do that - be decisive, get through my reads and if it's not there, get the ball out. The guys up front played really well on Sunday, and I'm confident that they will do the same Thursday night. It's a good group in San Francisco, for sure. Like you said, they have Nick Bosa and a number of guys up front who can affect the game. We'll be ready for it and have a plan for it."

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