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What the 49ers Had to Say Following Deebo Samuel's Contract Extension

The long awaited moment of the offseason has finally come.

In the second week of San Francisco's training camp, wide receiver Deebo Samuel signed a three-year extension with the 49ers that will keep him with the team through the 2025 season.

"It's just a blessing to be in the position I'm in," Samuel said. "It shows all the hard work that I do for this team, and I'm just happy to be here."

Samuel finished 2021 with 77 catches, 1,770 all-purpose yards (third most in the league) and 14 touchdowns (6 receiving, 8 rushing). He also led the NFL with an average of 18.2 yards per catch and ranked No. 1 among all receivers with an average of 10 yards after the catch. Last year, Samuel received his first Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro honors.

Here's what 49ers had to say after Samuel made it official:

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

"It was awesome to get Deebo's deal done. You guys know it's been a while, but I'm just pumped they got it done and I know how pumped he is, how pumped we are and I'm glad to have him back out here at practice.

"Deebo is a special player. And that's why he's earned this contract that he's got and I think that's why he is going to continue to earn it going forward.

"I love being around Deebo. I mean watch how he plays. My favorite thing about Deebo is how much he inspires people. And he inspires me more than almost any player I've watched on a field. The way he runs the ball, whether you're handing it to him, whether you're throwing it to him, whether he is catching on a kick and these aren't things that you have to talk him into doing, he usually talks you into doing it because Deebo loves playing football and he loves helping us win. And I think that's what everybody sees on Sunday when you guys watch him on TV. And I think that's why this country really likes Deebo also."

General Manager John Lynch

"I can't tell you how happy we are as an organization. How proud really that I am for Deebo Samuel. I remember so vividly watching him with admiration and then having an opportunity at Mobile was when we really got to know Deebo and understand him by just being around him, there's something magnetic about his personality. Not only his play, but about the way he carries himself, that smile, all those things.

"And then what he's done for this organization since, Kyle talked about it, I talked about it, his play is incredibly inspirational. I've used something that [Arizona State head coach] Herm Edwards used to talk a lot about, when will meets skill you have an opportunity to be special. And I think Deebo probably embodies that better than any player I've ever seen, so we're extremely proud, excited, overjoyed, all those things to have Deebo in the fold for years to come."

Assistant Head Coach and Running Backs Coach Anthony Lynn

 "You used to say a 'jack of all trades and master none,' but in Deebo's case it's a 'jack of all trades and master of all.' He can do it all, he can do it at a high level.

"It's pretty cool to see him running around on the practice field now that they've got the deal done."

Left Tackle Trent Williams

"The spark plug that he is for the team – you see us coming out the locker room, it's not just for show, that's just how we are in the locker room period. So you go in there right now and that boombox is probably right next to his locker.

"He's that type of person and that's why he's important to this organization, that's why we had to have him."

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