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What Other Hall of Famers Are Saying about Charles Haley

Images from the Gold Jacket Ceremony at the NFL Hall of Fame. Former 49ers defensive end Charles Haley was inducted in the 2015 class.

CANTON, OHIO -- Without question, Charles Haley has the biggest smile among the seven men set to be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday night.

And when asked about the longtime San Francisco 49ers pass-rusher, Haley's fellow Hall of Famers can't help but to crack sizable grins as well.

Haley's infectiously cheerful personality has rubbed off on all those around him in the buildup to the weekend's marquee event.

Below is what five other "gold jackets" said on Friday afternoon about Haley as a person and player.

Ronnie Lott, safety, 1981-1995

"Charles was phenomenal at constantly finding a way to enhance our lives. I'm glad to see people realize that he does and will continue to have what he's able to present and that's five Super Bowl rings. He was one the best competitors, one of the most multidimensional guys you could play with. He's probably the guy who could do more on a defensive line than anyone I know. (Lawrence Taylor) was a phenomenal rusher, but he could also cover and do a lot of other things. And if you think about it, Charles could do the same thing."


Tim Brown, wide receiver, 1988-2004

"You can't be in ear shot and not know who Charles Haley is. He's always going to let the world know. But we've had quite the amazing weekend. It's only been two days, but it's felt like a week with Charles.

"I've known Charles quite a while. He came in the league a couple years before I did. To have a 49er and a Raider go in together is a great thing. It's been a pleasure, man. He's a little different guy, but at the same time, when you put those pads on and say 'hut, hut,' he's a guy you want to have lining up right by you."


Will Shields, guard, 1993-2006

"We respect him a lot. The simple fact of winning one Super Bowl is tough as it is, but winning five of them, that's unique. But you can't do it alone. So he had great teammates to make that happen. Once you get that lightning going, it makes it a little easier when you have the pieces together. So we're excited about him being here with that accolade."


Bill Polian, executive, 1984-2011

The pass-rush master spent eight of his 13 NFL seasons terrorizing opposing quarterbacks for the San Francisco 49ers.

"He's a picnic. He's a one-of-a-king person. He's obviously a joy to be around, and he's funny as heck. He keeps us laughing at all times.

"He was fortunate enough to play with two great teams, but he's one of the reasons that they were great teams. No one wins championships without great pass-rushers. It can't be done. And he's one of the best of all time."


Ron Wolf, executive, 1963-2001

"You talk about a unique talent. I mean, that's why he's in here. He was an extremely gifted and unique player at a very important position. He might have a little bit of a hard time playing here today with the rules the way they are. Cause if you have bad breath, you're going to get a 15-yard penalty.

"He's really a smart guy. He really has an affection for the game, a lot of respect for the game and a lot of respect for the people that he played with and against."

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