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What Are the Eagles Saying About the 49ers?

View the top images from practice as the 49ers gear up for their final East Coast trip of the season.

Heading into Week 8, the San Francisco 49ers will take their third trip in four weeks to the Eastern Time Zone, this time to face the 6-1 Philadelphia Eagles. While the Eagles hold the best record in the NFL, they are not writing off the 49ers.

Take a look at the top quotes from Philadelphia's players and coaches ahead of Sunday's contest.

HC Doug Pederson on Beathard's NFL debut against the Redskins:
"He played a great game actually and had a chance to win that football game down the stretch. He's gaining confidence every time he takes the field. The same thing I've seen in Carson (Wentz), is he's understanding where his guys are and getting the ball out of his hand and not taking as many hits and just moving the ball. That was a really good game for him. And I think he's just going to continue to get better with each snap."

Pederson on the direction of the 49ers:
"It's hard to build it especially when you're coming in to change a culture. It doesn't happen overnight. (Kyle Shanahan) and John Lynch have to stick to their plan and stick to what has made them both successful in their careers. It's about acquiring talent. It's something in the offseason and probably moving forward they will address that and continue to add the talent that they need on that roster. I believe there's seven first-round picks on that roster right now. So, they're beginning that. And their young players are going to get better with time. The more they're in that system and learn their offensive and defensive schemes, they're going to get better over time. They just have to trust their plans and stick to it. Be patient. They can't do it overnight because we're limited to the number of draft picks we get each spring and undrafted free agents. Patience is a virtue but at the same time it's about winning football games."

QB Carson Wentz on what stands out about facing the 49ers:
"Their defense is solid. They fly around. Their front seven is actually pretty impressive. You turn on the tape and you wouldn't think that's an 0-7 football team. We definitely can't sleep on these guys. They're a good football team."

WR Alshon Jeffery on challenges San Francisco's defense presents:

"They've got some good players on their front seven. They've got a rookie they drafted. Aaron Lynch is coming back. They're pretty strong. They're solid up front.

"If you look at their record, their record doesn't define who they are. Like five games they lost by less than three points. They're in it every game."

T Lane Johnson on the 49ers defensive line:"One of the better d-lines I've seen. They've got Solomon Thomas, No. 94 who flashes all over the tape. Elvis Dumervil, veteran, but still leads the team in sacks. They've got Aaron Lynch, DeForest Buckner inside. As far as d-lineman, that's one of the better defensive linemen we've seen all year. So, it will be a test for us."

S Rodney McLeod on the 49ers run game and Pierre Garçon:
"It might be a heavy run game for them. They've got a good running back over there in Carlos Hyde. So, we've got to expect that. They like to run the ball and stay ahead of the chains. That's all expected. But we've got to prepare for everything that they've shown.

"I think he just runs hard and aggressive and fights for every yard. And he's got good balance. He's a good runner on tape and able to catch the ball out of the backfield, too."

McLeod on the 49ers record:
"You can't treat them any different based on their record. They have a lot of close games that come down to the last drive. So we know what to expect. They're a good offensive team. We're going to have our hands full on Sunday."

DE Brandon Graham on facing the 49ers:
"They don't have anything to lose. They're going to come and give us their best shot. We're just going to have to come and take it and let them know early. We can't leave a team like that in the game. Those guys are sneaky. They've got a good team, they just haven't put it all together the way they wanted to. But overall, they're going to come and play. It's going to be a hard game."

LB Nigel Bradham on the talent surrounding Beathard:
"He seems like he's a good quarterback. He's got some great receivers who's able to take the top off. Marquise Goodwin and Pierre Garçon who is a big powerful guy. Obviously, we've seen him last year when he was in our division. He's got some talent around. The running backs a really good and the offensive line is pretty good. He's got some talent around him. He's been making some plays. We've just got to eliminate everything."

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