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Vernon Davis Partners with Jamba Juice


If the San Francisco 49ers starting tight end had his way, he'd have a signature smoothie drink named after himself with kale and carrots as its main ingredients.

Fortunately for Vernon Davis, the new owner of two Jamba Juice establishments in Santa Clara, that dream might soon become a reality.

The 49ers tight end entering his seventh season with the 49ers recently celebrated his new partnership with the Emeryville-established company last week. It's been a brand the 49ers tight end has long admired, too.

"It's all about generating for the future, that's why I did it," Davis explained at a ribbon-cutting ceremony that featured appearances from several 49ers teammates at an existing Santa Clara location re-branded with Davis' full name atop the store's main sign.

"It feels good," Davis added. "It's cool when you have football and you're able to establish something else."

Davis has long been a fan of the store's Peach Pleasure smoothie drink and felt it was a natural fit for him to own two franchises after seeing close friend, Venus Williams, recently take ownership of Jamba Juice establishments in the Washington D.C. area.

From the smoothie chain's perspective, Davis was a perfect partner based on his physical fitness and healthy lifestyle.

"We're very excited to be your partner and your teammate," Bruce Schroder, Jamba Juice's President of Stores and COO, said to Davis at the recent store opening ceremony.

In Schroder's mind, working alongside Davis was a good fit for both sides.

"There's no better partner to work with us on that than Vernon," Schroder said. "He's clearly lived and embodied a healthy lifestyle."

Davis, too, was eager to begin the latest chapter of his diversified off-the-field interests. The 49ers tight end already opened his own art gallery on Santana Row, "Gallery 85," and looks at the partnership with Jamba Juice as a positive development for both sides.

"It's more to it," Davis began, "it's about promoting job opportunity as well as an active and healthy life throughout the community."

Many of the stores employees are teenagers and Davis can relate to the importance of creating opportunities for the youth.

"I remember when I was a young kid and I couldn't find a job," Davis detailed. "I know what it's like. Everyone needs an income to survive and it's important to me. It's important for me to come out and touch the lives of the people who can't find jobs."

The first store opening saw Davis speak to a large gathering at the Rivermark location in Santa Clara. Davis was in awe of the sign that featured his name and a mural inside the store that depicted his career with the 49ers.

"I'm very grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be standing here today," Davis told the audience. "Thank you."

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