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The Demolition of Candlestick Park Has Begun

The demolition of The 'Stick - which began on Wednesday, Feb. 4 - is now completed. #FarewellCandlestick

FarewellCandlestick]( is relevant once again this week.

Construction crews have begun the process of tearing down San Francisco's Candlestick Park with a long-armed excavator.

A spokesman for the project told local press that the demolition started on Monday to take down the stadium built in the 1950s. Bay Area reporters were allowed to document the scene on Wednesday as construction crews began tearing down portions of the lower bowl. Upper portions of the stadium will be demolished very soon.

The decision to use excavators was made last month. Imploding the stadium was not an option due to health concerns for people living close to the former home of the San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants.

"It's a little trickier than wrecking a building," head wrecker Larry Thomas of Silverado Contractors, the company hired to perform the demolition told "It's trickier because wreckers don't get a lot of practice wrecking stadiums compared to wrecking buildings.

"My workers love to wake up in the morning and come down here and do this," Thomas said.

A new shopping, housing and entertainment development is scheduled to be constructed in place of "The 'Stick."

As for the scene at Candlestick, members of the media took to Twitter to share remarkable imagery of the stadium's current state.

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