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Super Bowl Picks


Wide receiver Darrell Jackson and cornerback Nate Clements make their last predicition of the playoffs for Sunday's Super Bowl contest between the Patriots and the Giants. Check out their thoughts!


I didn't do so well with my final picks. Of course, I went out on a limb with the San Diego/New England game but I like to make my selections based around my personal feelings. With that being said, I've got mixed emotions right now. The Patriots did something phenomenal with the undefeated season so I kind of want to see them go on and ride this thing out, but then again, they've had enough championships the last few years. I think that either way I'll be happy with the outcome. They are two great teams, two great establishments, and both of them deserve to win. HOWEVER, I will go ahead and pick the Giants.

These two teams know a lot about each other after playing late in the season and also in the preseason. I'm sure they'll both make some adjustments, but in terms of personnel, the guys should know what to expect from one another.

Teams have been able to run on the Patriots and the Giants have a great running back in Brandon Jacobs, so I think they'll be able to control the clock. That's something you have to do with an offense on the other side of the field that is ran by Tom Brady.

Brady is going to play his game and take what is there, whether it's deep or underneath. The Patriots cracked open the last game by going deep to Moss on back to back plays. The Giants were basically in Cover 2 and the safety took a flat angle on those plays to open things up for Brady and Moss. You have to also give credit to Tom Brady for the way he sees the field because if someone takes a bad angle, he'll see it and make the play.

I think Brady is probably ahead of Eli Manning, but both are capable of getting it done and I like that Giant defense. I think the pass rush will get after Brady and then it'll just come down to some good battles between the wide receivers and defensive backs.

I'll be here in Florida and we'll probably have a little Super Bowl party to watch the game, and basically I just want to see something exciting. The Super Bowl is a wonderful American pastime and I always enjoy watching it. Of course, I'd rather play in it but I still have painful memories from when I did because I got robbed of two touchdowns basically. I mean when you hit the pylon, it's a touchdown!

My favorite Super Bowl moment aside from my own experience was watching Doug Williams and the Washington Redskins beat John Elway and the Broncos, so I'm looking forward to another game like that one!


I think this is going to be a very close game, but I do think New York is going to pull it out. I think their defensive line is going to play very well against the Patriots offensive line because the key for the Giants is to be disruptive and not allow Tom Brady to sit back and pick them apart. That's really going to be crucial when New England uses their empty set with as many as five wide receivers because Brady can really pick you apart from that set so it will be important for New York to get pressure and make him throw it quick. If not, they can try to sit back in coverage and hope their front four can get to him in time.

As a cornerback, when the other team lines up with five wide receivers, I'm anticipating quick routes because they don't have enough bodies to block if you come with a blitz. Especially with a defensive line like the Giants have, you can expect pressure because they lead the league in sacks. That really helps out their coverage because they can just sit back, play tight and know that their defensive line is going to get pressure even without a blitz. That's why I think it's going to be a key for the defensive line to set the tone.

I definitely expect New England to take some shots, especially with Randy Moss and Donte' Stallworth who can go deep. The thing about the Patriots receivers is they don't need one receiver to have a big day in order to beat you because they have so many weapons. As you've seen in the playoffs, some teams have been able to take away Moss, but Stallworth or Wes Welker has hurt them. You really can't focus on taking one guy away because the rest of the guys can pick up the slack.

Plaxico Burress has stepped his game up in the playoffs as well. He had already had a very good season and now he's turned it up even more so all he has to do is keep playing like he's been playing.

The only memories I have of the Super Bowl are just watching some of the great ones pull it out, like John Elway when he put his body on the line to get the extra yard for the touchdown. Just about every Super Bowl has been a good game.

When you think of the words "Super Bowl," you know the stage is set. It's the two top teams in the NFL going against each other to determine who the best is, and you know they've both won a lot of ball games to get to that point. It's the biggest game of the year and there is a lot of intensity that surrounds the game and it is broadcast around the world. It seems like it's getting bigger and bigger every year. I'm sure there is no better feeling than playing in the Super Bowl.

I'll be watching the game at home and I'm looking forward to a great game. I don't do point spreads, but I'm going to pick New York in a close game.

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