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Stevie Johnson Started a 'Fantasy Work League'

Niners Daily here to say happy Thursday and don't forget to set your lineups!

Fantasy football has created a whole new way to watch an NFL game. To many of us, the outcomes of the games themselves somewhat absurdly take a backseat to the outcomes of our own made-up matchups. Players are analyzed, picked apart and heavily scrutinized by fans based on how their performance translates to fantasy points.*

Stevie Johnson just turned the tables on all of us.*

In a hilarious tweet posted on Wednesday, Johnson declared that he has started a "work fantasy league" and that many of us are now on his team. His success depends on our aptitude at performing daily office tasks. The point system of Johnson's faux league is not fully clear, but from reading his tweets here are a few that we know:

Working 12-hour shifts = 13 points

Changing diapers = 10 points

Messing up a TPS report = -3 points.*


Here are some of the best exchanges from Johnson's epic tweet.

The Vault:

In an outstanding longform article by Patrick Hruby of, the history of fantasy football is traced back to the Bay Area circa 1962 where businessman, and part owner of the Oakland Raiders, Bill "Wink" Winkenbach is said to have invented the game. If you play fantasy, this article is a must-read.

Here is an image taken from the story that shows what is known to be the first ever fantasy football draft. (Notice the Y.A. Tittle pick six columns over, nine rows down. He was a member of the New York Giants at the time and led the NFL with 36 touchdown passes that year. Not a bad pick.)

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