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Stevie Johnson on Colin Kaepernick's 'Cannon' Arm Strength, 49ers Rivalry with Seattle Seahawks


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Also, thanks Stevie Johnson for posting this sweet picture on your Instagram. The author of this post was tired of using practice pictures of the team's new wideout. OK, back to the article.

** 1. Stevie Says Kaepernick Has 'Cannon' Arm

The new Niners wideout did a bunch of interviews on Tuesday. First, Johnson spoke with and you can hear what he said here and here. A few hours later, he did two radio interviews, one with 95.7 The Game and one with KNBR.

The audio posted above is from the 95.7 appearance on "The Damon Bruce Show." If you're unable to listen to the interview, here are the key notes from the conversation:

-Johnson still proudly represents his alma mater, the University of Kentucky and is pulling for the Washington Wizards in the NBA Playoffs. Johnson was watching Washington's Game 5 win over the Indiana Pacers as the interview started. "Right now I'm checking out my Kentucky guy John Wall, hopefully they can stay alive."

-Johnson called his recent trade "bittersweet." Johnson was back in the Bay Area when Bills general manager Doug Whaley informed him of the trade.

-On the bright side, Johnson didn't mind returning home. "Knowing that it was the 49ers, it was like, 'Oh man, this is amazing.' Hopefully I can finish my career with the 49ers."

-Johnson said he enjoys the depth of San Francisco's wideouts. "I don't think the Niners really needed me, it's a good situation to fall into. I got so much respect for the guys they got on the squad, I believe in their ability."

-Johnson on the 49ers practice sessions: "It's a good feeling to be around that competitive atmosphere."

-What does the playbook look like? "Yesterday it was looking like Chinese, I didn't understand anything that was going on but through all the studying, it's starting to slow down."

-Johnson's current role? "As of now, my role isn't set and I'm just looking to put in work and helping the team wherever I can and be wherever they tell me to be. Hopefully I can get there and dominate."

-The new 49ers wideout raved about his quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. "He caught me off guard with the arm that he's got. The kid's got a cannon. Seeing the poise that he's got… he's a talented player. He's gifted."

  1. Seattle Rivalry is Familiar to Johnson

Johnson's KNBR appearance with Tom Tolbert covered many of the same topics as the previous interview, but it did have a few other notable quotes about San Francisco's rival, the Seattle Seahawks.

Here are the notes from Johnson's convo with Tolbert:

-San Francisco's newest wideout has never been in the playoffs with the Bills but expects that to change with the 49ers. "I'm hoping I can be the difference or make a difference to help out the squad."

-Johnson didn't expect to be traded in 2014. "I thought I'd at least have one more season with the Bills, see how things go, and then go from there. But it happened and I can't do too much about it. I'm happy to be here in San Francisco."

-Johnson was asked about his role: "They haven't given me my role yet. I'm just trying to get my feet under me and get all the plays in, be able to run my routes, catch the ball without even thinking. Right now it's work time, I think we'll get to all the roles down the road and we'll go from there."

-Tolbert asked about the New England Patriots dominance of the AFC East being a motivating factor for Johnson's career in Buffalo. "It was always motivation," the 49ers wideout said.

-Johnson said the rivalry with New England will be similar to upcoming games against Seattle. "I think every team in this league is a challenge. You can't look past any of these teams. Being in that division against the Patriots who've taken the division year in and year out, there was always motivation to try to beat, to try and beat the top dog. Now that I'm here in San Francisco, the top dog is the Seattle Seahawks. The journey doesn't get easier, there's just more work you have to put in so you can get on top."

-Johnson, a San Francisco native, kept an eye on his hometown team, especially games against the Seahawks. "It's a battle. I always watched the 49ers games. I always went for the home team. Seeing the Seahawks beat us, was like, 'Oh man, the Seahawks must really be real like that?' I put the 49ers above all teams, really, you know? They have a good squad up there in Seattle. We have to give them a run for their money and take what they have. It's going to be work. They're not going to give it to us."

-Johnson talked about the passing of his mother. "That was tough for me. It was hard, I can't lie. The grind continues, we have to continue to hustle."

-How would she have reacted to her son playing for the 49ers? "She'd be so excited right now, but I have to do my thing, do my part."

-Was she a 49ers fan? "Was she? One of the biggest. Everybody says they're the biggest 49ers fan and she can throw her name in there too."

  1. Chowder Talk
    It looks like two completely different Twitter accounts enjoyed our interview from Tuesday.

Glad to hear Stevie Johnson of the @49ers loves the clam chowder at PIER 39. We love it too! — PIER 39 (@PIER39) May 14, 2014

Stevie Johnson on 49ers' WRs: 'Right now, we're all ones' — NFL: AroundTheLeague (@NFL_ATL) May 14, 2014

  1. That's a Rap

One item from my interview with Johnson that didn't make it to the site was about his passion for rapping. Brandon Lloyd, another 49ers veteran wideout, has also been known to rap.

So I asked Johnson if they've been able to exchange bars this week.

"We didn't have any rapping sessions yet," Johnson said. "He was in there spitting a little bit. I gotta worry about all these plays before I can start spitting rhymes. I gotta handle business before I can have fun."

Oh well. Enjoy this video of Johnson rapping for his college teammates.

  1. Happy Birthday

Frank Gore turns 31 today. Happy Birthday to the 49ers all-time rushing king.


A post shared by Frank Gore (@fg2132) on

  1. Around the NFL
    -The Buffalo Bills reportedly tried to trade for Pierre Garçon. The 49ers selected Hyde 57th overall.

-Joe Namath thinks Michael Vick will be "outstanding" for the New York Jets.

-First-round draft pick Zack Martin will initally line up at guard, not tackle, for the Dallas Cowboys.  

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