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Steve Young, Jerry Rice Raise Awareness for Community Efforts at 49ers Museum

The two Hall of Famers came to the 49ers Museum to host an event to raise awareness to their charitable causes.

Steve Young and Jerry Rice both own gold jackets, the exclusive threads that signify two remarkable careers on the football field. Their Hall of Fame resumes, however, are comprised of far more than athletic achievements.

Their collective work in the community is of a similar caliber.

The pair of San Francisco 49ers legends co-hosted an event this week to raise awareness for three of their post-football ventures: "The Forever Young Foundation," their "8 to 80 Zones" and "Sophie's Place." (More on each of these below.)

Current sponsors and potential sponsors for the aforementioned charities filled the 49ers Museum at Levi's® Stadium. The event began with Young and Rice sharing stories about their playing days with the 49ers. They took turns poking fun at one another, all while exhibiting how incredibly close they've become over the years.

Take a look back at the greatest moments of Steve Young's illustrious career with the San Francisco 49ers.

Young threw 92 career touchdowns to Rice from 1987-99. Only Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison are the only quarterback-wide receiver combination to have more (114). 

Their chemistry has made them ideal partners in their ongoing philanthropic efforts.

"I love it," Young told at the event. "I love that Jerry and I have reconnected. Not that we were disconnected, but we have something that we're doing together after playing. We had such a great time playing together, and now we've kept it going. In some ways, it still feels like it's the same."

Their signature Bay Area event is the "Steve Young, Jerry Rice Bay Area Classic" golf tournament hosted at CordeValle Golf Club in San Martin, Calif. The day on the links is a primary fundraiser for the trio of organizations championed by Young and Rice.

HGGC is the title sponsor for the event. Young is a co-founder of the private equity firm and currently serves as the managing director.

Additionally, Rice and Young team up with the Tech Museum of Innovation to put on the golf tournament each year. The museum is a family-friendly interactive science and technology center located in downtown San Jose, with a mission to inspire the innovator in everyone.

The "Forever Young Foundation" is a nonprofit that Young founded in 1993. The organization is focused on passing on hope and resources for the development, strength, and education of children. In the 23 years since it's inception, the foundation has touched the lives of countless underprivileged youth, both in the United States and abroad.

One of the several offshoots of Young's foundation is "Sophie's Place," facilities in children's hospitals dedicated specifically to music therapy.

Young and Rice teamed up to create the "8 to 80 Zones," spaces designed to provide underserved communities state-of-the-art equipment and training to pursue careers in technology and media.

"More than anything, the longevity and how it continues to grow organically, with great people, great causes, that's what I'm most grateful for," Young said of his foundation. "It's getting better.

"I built it so that it didn't have to be about me. That's where we are right now. I could go, and it would just do great. It has it's own feet. My wife is working hard at it with a lot of other people. Thirty years from now, I want it to be really efficient and helping really great causes that people are passionate about. I want it to have a good name in the community."

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