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Steve Goodbody is Coach of the Week


The San Francisco 49ers Foundation's Charlie Wedemeyer Memorial Coach of the Week award for week one goes to Steve Goodbody from Salinas High School.

The Salinas Cowboys made a lasting debut at the Salinas Sports Complex's new Rabobank Stadium on Saturday, September 7th. The Cowboys roped in a 35-10 victory over crosstown rivals, the North Salinas Vikings.  Eight-year Varsity coach, Steve Goodbody of Salinas High School is confident this matchup is a symbol of what his team is capable of for the 2013 season.

"It was a great experience playing in front of the community in the new stadium," expressed Goodbody, "We played a great game against a really good team."

The first quarter showcased an exciting performance by the Cowboy's offense, as running back Elijah Kirkland ran 67 yards to score a touchdown on the second play of the game. North Salinas answered back to tie the score, but junior quarterback Zack McDermott completed a 60 yard pass to wide receiver John Santos to send the Cowboys into the half with a 14-10 lead. Goodbody's implementation of a pistol formation allows McDermott's qualities to shine as a passer and as young quarterback who can read the option as showcased when he sprinted for a 41 yard touchdown run in the final score of the game.

Salinas had nearly 300 yards rushing on the night, not to overshadow a stellar performance on defense. Senior free safety Ben Gomez helped hold the Vikings at 10 points with an interception followed by a blocked touchdown pass in the North Salinas end zone. Defensive tackle Justin Pleasont controlled the line of scrimmage, preventing the Viking's running game from staking claims on the new field.

"I look at this as one big team effort," said Coach Goodbody, as he chooses not to elaborate on single player stats, "Every win is because of all 240 kids and 24 coaches that are currently running this historic program."

Coach Goodbody's humble celebration of the win is a reflection of the morale he instills in his team. Since taking over the Salinas High School football program eight years ago, Goodbody has applied the motto "Classroom, hallway, street corner, field," teaching his players the importance of character and well-being in all areas of life. The 240-man program roster holds a no-cut policy, providing a safe haven for any student interested in being part of a team.

"If a kid is willing to put in the time, we are here to keep them safe in the community in hopes of developing great citizens," reflected Goodbody.

The Salinas Cowboys will strive to continue to bring their positive character and play as they take on the Saratoga Falcons in this week's matchup.

"We are excited for the season and look forward to practicing on Thanksgiving," stated Goodbody on his hopes of post season Cowboys football, "We will play our best ball in October, and hopefully I'll be scheduling practices in December for this great team as well.

In addition to being named Coach of the Week, the Salinas High football program will receive $1,000 from the 49ers Foundation.  Coach Goodbody will also be featured in a KRON 4 interview with Gary Radnich, receive two tickets to a 49ers home game where he will be recognized on the field before the game, as well as an article on  In the weeks leading up to the on-field recognition, Goodbody will be invited to visit the 49ers training facility in Santa Clara to watch a private practice and receive a certificate from 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh

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