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Smith's 50 on 50


On Sunday, the Texans came out ready to play and they were really trying to establish the run. They got the run kind of going in the first half, but the second half we came out and pretty much shut them down. They came out doing the same thing that Jacksonville did. They were playing physical and they were trying to push up front so that they could get that ground game going.

From that game I can say that I think guys are learning from their mistakes and they are getting more experience. They weren't making as many penalties and everyone is getting better and doing their job. They're doing what they have to do. The defense held them when we needed to hold them and the offense scored when they needed to score. It was a good team win. The last two wins have been good team wins for the offense, defense and special teams.

There were some big plays in the game, including Joe Nedney's game winning field goal. Every one has tremendous confidence in Joe. He's a guy who's been there all year and he's someone you can always count on. He's a very impressive kicker. He's awesome on the kickoffs and he's just one of the best. Mike Adams is really big for us and he is stepping up. He's making plays that are helping the team out and that last pick and the lateral led straight to the field goal.

These last two wins send us into the off-season with momentum and with a positive attitude. We can say that we're headed into the right direction. We just have to continue to work hard in the off-season.

Thanks to everyone for keeping up with my column this season!

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