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Singletary's Notebook: Sept. 30



Opening statements:**

"Good morning. I am very thankful for another week. I am excited about the opportunity at hand. We are playing a football team that is 0-3, that does not matter to us. I think the most important thing we want to stress each and every week, myself and my staff, is we want to focus on us. It has to be about us. I don't care who the team is. The mark of a good football team is that they are consistently getting better each and every week. That is the thing we want to do. That is the thing we are telling our players and our players are responding. We know we have to have a good week's practice this week. Coming out here, we have a lot of guys banged up, some other guys have to step up in those voids and carry the torch. As you know we have a few guys banged up, two in particular that will not play in the game. [RB] Frank Gore is one, you know about his injury. The other is [S] Reggie Smith; he has a groin. We just have to monitor that as we go along. Some other guys are nicked and a little bit banged here and there, but the bottom line is they will play in the game. So, we will just have to look at that on a day-to-day basis throughout this week."

On whether the team plans to add another running back:
"We are going to stay pat with what we have. To bring somebody in who does not know the system really doesn't make a whole lot of sense right now. There have been questions about Kory Sheets, whether or not we would bring him up. I think the answer is no right now. He is still learning. There are a lot of protection issues and things like that he is still learning. We do not want to put him in a situation where he is not ready to go. So that is the situation there."

On how the offense changes with Gore out:
"We are not going to alter it one bit. Obviously, you are missing one of the best backs in the league, but for us, we are fortunate to have [RB] Glen Coffee and we are confident he will step in and do a good job. He is a very mature young man working his tail off, and he can handle the load. Our offensive line will be the ones that have to take up the slack."

On whether Coffee will get the same work load Gore has received:
"That is exactly what I am saying. Obviously, there will be a little bit of a different result, or what have you. Glen Coffee is not Frank Gore, but at the same time, we have every bit of confidence in Glen Coffee to go out and do a very good job and be very effective. As I said before, our offensive line just has to respond by picking up some of the slack and doing a better job and trying to create some holes for him. That is our mindset right now."

On whether QB Shaun Hill's role will remain the same:
"Absolutely. Absolutely. There will be no, 'Shaun you have to take it and put it on you.' No. We are going to run our offense."

On whether T Joe Staley and G David Baas will practice:
"I think today, both of them will be out. We just have to be smart about that. Maybe tomorrow they may get a little bit of work here. But today, we will just have to make do with what we have and they will have to watch, and at the same time, continue to get better so that they can go a little bit Thursday and some on Friday and then we are ready to go."
On the running backs behind Coffee:

"You have [RB] Mike Robinson. We also have [FB] Moran Norris. So we just have to continue to get those guys ready to go."

On why he isn't putting Sheets on the 53-man roster:
"At this point, the worst thing we could do is put him in a situation where he can't win. Then we have a confidence issue and I don't want to do that. He is a young man who is striving to come on and learn the game and get himself prepared to go at some point in time. But now is not the time."

On Coffee's performance so far:
"I think he is doing a good job. I really do. Yes you could say he is averaging 2.2 yards per carry or whatever. But our offensive line has something to do with that, and also the defensive line we are playing against has something to do with that. But for the most part, as I said before, we have all the confidence in the world in Glen Coffee that he will do just fine."

On Coffee's blitz-pickup abilities:
"He is pretty solid. Obviously, we have to keep him out of harm's way in some situations. Once again, the offensive line has to step up and shore up some of those issues. They will have a little bit of added responsibility in that area. But Glen Coffee has been doing a good job and we trust him in that area with the responsibility we are giving him. He will do a fine job."

On whether he includes the tight ends when he says the offensive line needs to step up:
"Absolutely. They play a big role in that."

On whether TE Vernon Davis will get more chances this week:
"As Shaun continues to get more of a feel for the offense, once again in terms of what he needs to be effective and win football games, with Vernon Davis, as they continue to develop a rapport and continue to develop a trust with each other, that is the way it should be. The tight end is normally the first guy the quarterback gains that trust in. Then you kind of expand it outside. I only see it getting better."

On WR Brandon Jones:
"Obviously to begin with, he was making great strides in training camp. But when you miss that much time, it is not like he was here the year before, the year before that. He has missed a lot of time. So the ability to play fast and the timing is the thing that he has been missing and he is trying to catch up as fast as he can. This week, there is a good chance he will be up and we will see how it goes. We are trying to monitor that as well. We will just kind of see how it goes."

On getting the wide receivers more involved in the offense:
"I think the thing we are trying to do right now, and trust me, we are trying to do everything we can to win the football game, but it is not like we are running the ball 60 and 70-percent in the game. We are trying to balance it as much as we can. Once again, I want to say as Shaun continues to develop, as he continues to get his arm around the offense, the trust factor outside is going to open up more. But for right now, that is where we are, and I think it gives us the ability to win football games with where we are."

On which wide receivers have stepped up:
"I would say right now, [WR] Isaac [Bruce] is a proven guy. Isaac is going to make his plays. I think [WR] Josh Morgan has done a good job when given the opportunity. But at the same time, when you look at Josh, when you look at Isaac, when you look at Frank Gore and his ability to run for 70 yards or 60 yards or whatever that is, you have to look at some of those receivers because it doesn't happen without them. Although he is not catching five or six passes a game right now, Josh Morgan is going to be more of a well-rounded guy. As the offense continues to open up, he will be a guy that will be featured more."

On WR Jason Hill:
"Once again, though training camp, Jason Hill was injured with a hamstring, a groin, a this, a that and missed a lot of time. The thing in the National Football League is the things you did the year before is outstanding, it's great, but it only counts last year. Going forward, everybody has to earn that spot. In all fairness, we want to put the best 53 guys out there on the field. Jason Hill is another guy who may have a chance to be up this week. It just depends on how it works out out here. But he and Brandon Jones both may have an opportunity to be up this week depending on how it goes."

On whether he feels he needs to shake up the wide receiver position:
"There is only so much shaking up you can do. I think the guys are doing everything they can. I think Isaac Bruce is really busting his tail to help our offense. I think Josh is going to continue to get more and more confidence in terms of his ability and being able to explode. He just has loads of potential, but that doesn't mean a whole lot until you step into it. And he is working towards that."

On Jason Hill's ability on special teams:
"Hill is a very good special teams player. It is just a matter of being able to work it into the offense. It is just one of those things where he has been effective on special teams. That is a positive for him. It is just the other things in terms of getting on the field and getting enough reps."

On whether he is a conservative coach:
"I have no problem with conservative. If you were to say I'm a conservative guy, that's great. I have no problems with exotic. If you were to say I am an exotic coach, that's fine. I have no problems with any other adjective you use. But, if you say that I am not a winning coach then, I have a problem."

On whether he is more conservative or exotic:
"You know what, the only way you judge a coach is, is he winning or is he losing? That's it. All the other stuff, you guys can write about it. To me, the most important thing that you judge a coach by: is he winning. That's it."

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