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Singletary's Notebook: Sept. 25



Opening Statement: **"Good afternoon. We've had a good weeks work, we're excited about the opportunity that we have this week to get on the road and go to Minnesota and play a good football team. The most important thing for us this week is that we don't make this game about [Minnesota Vikings RB] Adrian Peterson and [Minnesota QB] Brett Favre. This is the San Francisco 49ers against the Minnesota Vikings and that is the thing that I want us to focus on. Let's continue to execute, be detailed in the things that we're doing, and everything else will take care of itself."

On whether all the talk about Peterson and Favre was a distraction:"Yes. You can't help but hear it all week and that's what they try to make the focus on, but it's the Vikings against the 49ers, and that's what it is."

On RB Frank Gore being ready for this weekend's match-up against Minnesota:"Yes."

On whether or not there will be any restrictions on Gore's ankle:"We'll see how it feels, but he will play."

On how Gore's status will be listed on today's NFL injury report:"I would say limited or day-to-day, or however that is. All that I know is that he will play."

On what he expects out of Minnesota's Leslie Frazier's defense in this weekend's matchup:"I expect his defense to come out and execute. Obviously, I don't know how he feels about our offense and how he would attack them, but I know that they will be prepared to play and continue to do what they've been doing. They apply a lot of pressure."

On whether he and Frazier were roommates during his rookie season:"Yes."

On his first impressions of Frazier someday becoming a coach:"Leslie is a guy that I didn't ever think would coach. But when he retired, he started coaching at Trinity College as the head coach there and built that program up and he was a natural. He's a guy that loves the game, he loves the players and the players love him. He's a good guy."

On any particular detail that might help against Minnesota:"Nothing really sticks out to me right now in those terms. I think that it's just getting on the road and having the opportunity to play a good football team, but nothing really sticks out to me in that fashion."

On the status of WR Brandon Jones after a couple of weeks of practice:"That's going to be a situation that we will continue to talk about. I've been talking to [receivers coach] Jerry Sullivan, I've been talking to [offensive coordinator] Jimmy Raye. It depends on, as we look at the final day of preparation, what they feel his role could be this week. So, we'll see."

On the media attention toward him instead of team individuals:"Right now, I really don't pay attention to any of those things. For those that do, great. I'm trying to coach a football team. I can't control what people write, I can't control what they focus on. The most important thing for me always has been and always will be to coach our football team and help us be the best team on the field that day, that's it."

On how Brandon Jones can find his niche on the wide receivers corps:"I just think he has to continue to find his niche. He missed a lot of time there and when he got hurt, he was just beginning to get into a groove there and find some synergy. But right now it's just a matter of him getting back in sync with the offense and what we're trying to do and go forward with that."

On the status of LB Ahmad Brooks for this weekend's game:"Ahmad is fine and I expect him to play."

On keeping one player at outside linebacker on special teams:"I've got to talk to [special teams] Coach Al Everest and just figure that out in the terms of numbers on whether we're going to take three or four outside and we'll just have to make that decision accordingly."

On LB Marques Harris playing on special teams:"Like I said, I think I'll talk to Al Everest and see what he feels he needs, and based upon that we'll make a decision going forward."

On Ahmad Brooks being placed up on the depth chart:"Brooks will definitely be up."

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