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Singletary's Notebook: Oct. 15



On once interviewing Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson for his staff:**"I was impressed by him. Hue and I had a good conversation after that, but I knew he would be good at what he did."

On whether he was close to offering Jackson the job:"I thought about it, yes."

On whether he is pleased with the week of preparation for the game against the Raiders:"Yes I am. It's been a good week."

On the tackling against the Eagles:"We got to get better."

On what caused the poor tackling against the Eagles:"We just have to get better at it, that's all. We just have to get better."

On whether the poor tackling against the Eagles was out of character:"Yeah, a little bit, yeah. But they'll get better at it."

On whether the 49ers season is on the line against the Raiders:"I would say; I wouldn't say the season is on the line. I would just say it's a game that, you know, from here on out every game is huge for us. Not 'season on the line,' but every game is huge for us from here on out. We need to begin to put ourselves in a situation to get back in the race."

On whether he looked closely at Raiders LB Rolando McClain during the 2010 NFL Draft:"Well, number one, he's big, he's fast; he's talented. If you ever draw up a 'TED' linebacker, that's what he looks like. But it was a situation where I didn't spend a lot of time on him because I knew he wouldn't get to us, and it's as simple as that."

On 49ers injury updates:"[S] Curtis Taylor is down and [TE] Delanie Walker."

On WR Kyle Williams' finger injury and whether he will be able to return punts:"You know, I'm going to have to talk to [head athletic trainer Jeff Ferguson] Fergie about it. It's just been a day-to—day deal and we'll figure it out."

On whether Williams' finger is broken:"No; no it's not broken."

On what he saw in his players' eyes this week:"We'll be ready to play."

On the cross-town rivalry with the Raiders:"You know, this is a game that I know is very important to the fans; but I think if I focus on one thing, I'll get it all [inaudible].

On not knowing who will be the Raiders starting quarterback:"You just have to prepare as best you can for both of them and be ready to go."

On the difference in preparing for Raiders QBs Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski:"I just feel like, without getting into the dynamics of both quarterbacks, I just think for us it's just really important for us to get into the game and be technically sound; that's the thing we have to do. Stopping the run is going to be a main focus of ours and, you know, they do a good job running the ball. Play-action and all those other things come off of that. So we just have to do a good job overall, but we know that both quarterbacks are capable of making plays so we just have to adjust that way."

On whether the 49ers players are having enough fun and whether he emphasizes it:"Fun really comes when you win. It's a simple as that. You can say, 'Hey, we're doing this okay and we're doing this okay,' it's okay for a couple of weeks but at this point, the guys want to win because we all know they are not kids - they're men. We all know that the bottom line is we need to win."

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