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Singletary's Notebook: Nov. 6



Opening statement:**"As far as the injuries are concerned, [S] Reggie Smith is going to be a game-time decision. We'll go from there. Other than that, we've had a good week's work and we're ready to go, ready to go this Sunday."

On how home-field advantage affected this week of preparation:"Obviously, when it's an away game, you've got the music and the distraction and all that stuff. It's just a matter of continuing to work through it. But, any time we have a chance to play in front of our fans, it's exciting. I want to make sure that our team is up for that and ready to go. So, we're excited about that."

On the high spirit of practice this week:"I credit it to the guys, to the coaches just having the perspective. Sometimes, you can make the little improvements here and there that may not show up on the scoreboard. But, as a team, we just have to continue to move forward and at some point in time it'll hit on all cylinders, and we'll go from there."

On whether this is a pivotal game:"I think every game is pivotal. The one thing I wouldn't do is get in front of my team and say, 'Guys, you know what? This is it.' No. I think every game we play is going to be pivotal, and that's important for us to focus on."

On LB Takeo Spikes' status:"Takeo will be good to go."

On whether the team spends time during the week working on containing a scrambling quarterback:"There are a couple of things that we did during this week, but the most important thing that we focused on this week is just to make sure that we're aware of what he can do, and as we went through practice, just to make sure that we did the containment part and all those little things that we are stressing for the game. It's hard to get that same picture out here."

On whether he awards show-team guys for the job they did during the week:"Absolutely."

On who that player was this week:"[LB] Diyral Briggs. We had [WR] Jason Hill, and the last one was [C] Cody Wallace."

On where the players are selected:"Defense, special teams and offense."

On why the team does that:"Well, we do that, No. 1, just to let the guys know that we appreciate what they're doing, as well as letting their teammates know that these guys are working hard and showing us a good picture. People don't understand how important the show team is. When those guys are working hard over there and doing a good job, it makes a big difference on game day."

On how T Alex Boone is progressing and what he needs to do to make the 53-man roster:"He just needs to continue to mature and understand what it means to be a tackle at this level. We're seeing progress. [Offensive line coach] Chris [Foerster] and I talk about it from time to time, his growth and his maturity. He's doing a good job, just not ready yet."

On how much progress the offensive line made this week:"Expectations are the same every week: Go out there and try to protect the quarterback and try to open holes for the running back. They just have to continue to work together and be a cohesive unit, but the expectations won't change there."

On whether there was improvement on the offensive line this week:"I'll know on Sunday."

On whether he has his schedule for next week:"Do I have the schedule for next week? No. I have an idea of what it is, but I don't really focus on that right now, so no."

On what similarities he sees between QB Alex Smith and Vince Young:"First of all, their similarities-are getting back in the starting lineup at this time, but what they've gone through are totally different things. I can't speak for Vince. I don't know him at all, but I'm very excited about the guy that we have here and his progression and some of the things that he's doing in practice and in the game for six quarters so far. We just have to continue to make sure that we understand what he can and cannot do and make sure we put him in the best position to win games."

On Alex getting his first start at home for the first time in a long time:"There's not a whole lot to comment on. In terms of the fans and those things, I'm very excited that we have a chance to be at home, but for Alex, I just really want him to focus on the game, and as long as he does that and continues to do the things that he's been doing the last couple of weeks, he'll do fine."

On whether QB Alex Smith getting booed in the first open practice during training camp helped him:"I can't remember why I said it at the time. I'm sure there was a reason, but I think for Alex it's all ahead of him. I think he's smart enough to not look back at the past and understand that fan reaction is going to be typical around the league, but I think it's really important for him to just continue to keep the focus that I've seen him stay on and every time that we've had a conversation, he's just really excited about the opportunity to be a starting NFL quarterback again for this organization. Having that opportunity means a lot to him and it's just a matter of continuing to go forward so that's where I see him."

On whether DT Kentwan Balmer will play more this week:"Kentwan is getting better and better and the guys in front of him-it's just kind of tough at times for him to get in there because the guys in front are playing well, but we are trying to get him on the field more. We are trying to split the reps a little bit more, but he is making good progress"

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