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Singletary's Notebook: May 1



Opening Statement:**

"Glad to be coaching today. It's very nice to kind of cut preparation and have a break in preparation to get out here and see some of the guys that you watched on film all offseason. We're very excited about the guys who we were able to draft. We're also excited about the free agents that we were able to get. So this is just the first day moving forward, and we're very excited about what we're seeing. And really excited about this afternoon, even if we don't get a break in the rain."

On what he hopes to accomplish today:
"First and foremost, just kind of get a feel for who they are. You watch them on film and now that they're here you get a chance to really see how they interact with each other and how they accept and respond to different situations. How they respond to coaching. And I think, first and foremost, it's really good to get them out here and just kind of expose them to the game plan going forward."

On whether this is the most diverse undrafted free agent class you've had:
"Absolutely. It's certainly one of the most competitive. I'm very excited about some of the guys that we have and just really the opportunity that they have presented to them. These are not your average free agent guys that come in and you're just hoping that they can fill out your mini-camps and training camp. These are some guys that could possibly help us; that could step in and have a chance to play some this year. So, [I'm] very excited about that."

On whether this is a chance to impart his vision onto the rookies:
"We had a chance to get to know each other a little bit more this morning and just went through some of the things, where we're striving to go. Give them a little bit of a vision in terms of the identity of the 49ers, and just being very blunt and very straightforward at the first meeting. We certainly said, 'Welcome. We're glad you're here,' and all of those things. 'But, now, let's cut to the chase. Here's what we're looking for. Here's where we're going. Do you think you can be a part of that? Do you think that this fits you? All you've got to do is look at the wall. The 49ers identity is up there. And if you can do that, you've got a chance to make this team.'"

On having players who might have personality issues:
"First and foremost, you're exactly right. None of these guys caught us by surprise. Some of them have their issues. I think the most important thing for us to do is to make sure that we continue to develop the structure for them to come in and have some programs, have some things in place for some of these guys who have some of the issues. They're good kids. They want to make better decisions. They want to make the right decisions. The thing that we will not allow them to do is use whatever happened in the past as an excuse. We want to help them but at the same time we want them to make sure that they're making some very difficult and tough decisions, too, in terms of: do you really want to stay on track? Do you really want to get better? If that's the case then we'll get there."

On deciding which rookies stay and which go:
"They're going to tell me. They're talking to us every day. They're talking to us every drill that we have, every meeting we have they're talking to us. They're telling us either they want to be here or they don't. So, as coaches we have to make sure that we're really on it, in terms of, 'We're watching this guy. You watch that guy. We're talking to this guy. How are they taking notes? How are they taking the information? When they come back the next day, what kind of questions are they asking?' We're right on it. Thank God it's not me alone that has to do it but we all have to be on it and be on the same page. We'll get there."

On how you approach players who might talk at inappropriate times, for example Ricky Jean-Francois and Kory Sheets:
"The one thing that I wanted all the players to understand is this is not a place where you have to be quiet. This is not a place where the coaches tell you what to think and what to say and what to do. The bottom line is we want team players. There are some times when we all disagree but it's a matter of: you know what? I know at the end of the day this helps our football team. We cannot cater to one person. We cannot cater to one player. If everybody would just say what they want to say, then we've got problems everywhere. So I think in addressing those two things, and I talked with those two players before they got here and just wanted them to understand that I understand that players talk. That people say things that they don't mean to say. People do things they don't mean to do. 'This is the 49ers and I want you to respect yourself and respect the organization, respect the brand going forward. As long as you do that you'll be fine.'"

On whether he is leaving the quarterback competition to Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye and whether it matters at this stage:
"It matters every day. Absolutely. And, no, I'm not leaving it to Jimmy and Mike [Johnson]. We're on the same page. Every day we talk about, 'What do you see? What's happening? What were the conversations?' Because for me, it's that quarterback that when he steps in that huddle, magic happens. There's something that wakes up everybody. Even the young kid who's coming in: this is what the quarterback has to do. This is what the quarterback has to be. And Nate [Davis] understands that. It's going to be very interesting, very exciting. I'm excited for Alex [Smith]. I'm excited for Shaun [Hill]. And that competition will continue to go forward but we're on it everyday. Because as soon as we can, we do want to announce the starter so we can move forward."

On if the decision could come before training camp:
"We're just going to continue to talk about the timeframe going forward. Is it best after OTA's? Is it best after the first week of training camp? We'll just monitor it and be prepared to make a decision sooner than later."

On if the decision could come after the first mandatory training camp in June:
"We'll just have to monitor it and wait and see. We'll just continue to look at it."

On why certain veterans were asked to be at this rookie training camp:
"Things that we did is we looked at the guys that we wanted here. It's guys that… Even though guys may have had a chance to have started last year but still have a lot of questions, still young, and wanted to be here. We didn't demand anybody. Any of the veterans we asked, and I told every coach, guys make sure that you ask your guys. And some guys said, 'I already have something planned. I'm gone.' And I said, 'Go right ahead and do what you have to do. It's just that we wanted to provide an opportunity for you to be here, thought that you might gain something, but if you have something planned go right ahead.' So, it's just those guys that we felt would really, in another setting, may take another step. May mature a little bit more without some of the veterans here. May ask some other questions that makes them a little vulnerable if the veterans are here. But may step out a little bit. Just giving them an opportunity to come out here and try and learn a little bit more."

On how he would grade the draft:
"How would I grade my draft? I'll let you know in training camp. I'll let you know then."

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