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Singletary's Notebook: Dec. 3



On C David Baas back at practice:**"Probable."

On anybody else who might be injured - CB Shawntae Spencer, LB Parys Haralson:"Those guys are probable, questionable. I would say Parys is questionable, Shawntae is probable."

On anybody else:"No sir, not that I can think of."

On what happened with K Joe Nedney and the optimism that he could be ready for this week's game:"Well he came out to kick and it got a little tight on him. He didn't feel comfortable with it, and of course we told him 'you know just be honest with us, and let us know where you are,' and he did. So we just felt that we did not want to rush him. We know that he's been around awhile. He knows his body, so just giving him a chance to get healthy."

On whether K Jeff Reed will have a chance to kick before pregame warm-ups:"I don't think so, but I talked to coach Schottenheimer earlier. He may kick a little bit today, I'm not sure where we left it on that. I'll have to check back with him."

On whether he was interested in Reed a couple weeks ago when he was first talking about kickers:"We talked about it, but he wanted to take a week off and get his mind right and think about what he wanted to do. So we respected that."

On what the ritual is prior to a game to determine how far the kicker can kick that day:"Well I'm out there as well looking at them kick. You try and get a feel for it before the game, but you also know there's a risk factor and how he's going to respond when there's a rush coming. I think in all honesty, most kickers look great before the game. It's like anything else, but when the real deal starts and when the pressure is on, that's when you find out where they are and what you have as a kicker."

On the short week this week and whether you scaled back on any preparation in order to keep the players fresh:"We did. I sat down and we talked as a staff and really tried to cut back as much as we possibly could, have some walk thru's and try to mix it up. Have some things that we really needed to see full speed, do them full speed. The other things that we really didn't, so let's have walk thru's. So I think it worked out really well. I think the players have had time to get their feet underneath them and be ready to go on Sunday."

On whether it matters to you that this is a division where nobody is playing well:"I look at it like this, whoever gets to the playoffs, I don't think anybody is going to ask you what your record is or anything like that. I think the bottom line is you come out of this division, whoever you play next, you get ready to play. Right now all we're thinking about is Green Bay."

On whether CB Nate Clements has more ability to line up where he would like:"No. You know our defense is such that everybody has a job to do. We really don't have guys that will just go where they want to go, do what they want to do. Everybody's a part of that 11 man process and when the ball is snapped we have to be where we need to be. Maybe sometimes it looks that way, we have certain defenses where guys can move around a bit, but they have to be where they need to be at the right time."

On how much more creative you need to be on offense without RB Frank Gore:"Not anymore creative."

On whether you have to do different things due the fact that Frank was the 'Bell-Cow':"Well it's like this, Frank is the Bell Cow, Frank was the Bell Cow. Obviously he's hurt now, but that's why we have [RB] [Brian] Westbrook, that's why we have [RB] [Anthony] Dixon. They can step in the same plays that Frank has been executing since training camp, those are the same plays that these guys are familiar with and they can run those plays. So it's not like we're going to change what we're doing. The people that are doing it, their style is going to change, but it's not going to change the plays."

On whether this is the type of game where having similar pieces at one position comes in handy:"I think what we want to accomplish in this game on the defensive side is just really disguise as much as we can and not give away things. We want [QB] Aaron Rodgers to work as hard as he possibly can to try and figure out what we're doing and frustrate him enough that he has to hold the ball a little bit longer than normal and try and get our hands on him."

On whether you waived the 24-hour rule after the win in Arizona as to speed up the preparation process:"I think after the game the guys understood where we were and what we need to do and it's just a matter of going to Arizona on Monday night and playing well enough to win, but it's not like we had a lot of time. That 24-hour day is gone, and when we get back on the plane, we have to start thinking about Green Bay and all of the challenges that you are going to have there and get ready to play."

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