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Singletary's Notebook: Aug. 24



On Adam Snyder's injury:**

"Thankfully, we got the X-Rays back and it was negative. He's doing fine. We are going to keep him out this week. Next week will be a day-to-day situation. He'll definitely be back for our first regular season game."

On whether he will be the starter in the first regular season game:
"I think so."

On whether Marvel Smith will start this week or it will be a rotation:
"Well, right now we need to look at how Marvel is progressing. That's the thought right now, but we don't want to rush the program that we have Marvel on. We want to make sure that he is ready to do that, full time."

On the program he's on being one practice a day:

On whether there's anything new with the quarterback situation:
"Yes, we have decided that Shaun Hill will be the quarterback."

On whether he will be the starter for the regular season:

On when he talked to Alex Smith and Shaun Hill about his decision:

On their reactions to the decision:
"They are both class guys. I talked to Shaun first, then I talked to Alex, as individuals, and this morning brought them in together. I had a chance to talk with them both sitting there side by side and just had them understand why we made the decision and how important it is that they continue to push each other and compete and really thank them for how they have been throughout this whole process. I feel very fortunate to have both of them. They both made great strides. I'm very excited about Shaun, where he stopped off last year in terms of how he ended the season and how he's progressed through the offseason. Alex Smith coming back through all the stuff that he's had to work through, put it behind him and began to compete. I'm very excited about both of them and that's what I want both of them to understand, that because Shaun Hill is the starter, I still believe that Alex Smith is going to be a great quarterback and I'm excited about his progression. They are both positive about it and we'll just continue to go forward."

On whether there was anything from the Raiders game that persuaded him one way or the other:
"No, we just had to basically look at the entire offseason up to this point and make a decision based upon everything we've seen."

On what he likes best when he looks at Shaun Hill:
"I like the consistency. I think he has a commanding presence about him when he gets in the huddle. I think the guys have learned to rally around him and his leadership. Alex Smith continues to do that. Alex Smith, as I said before, made great strides. I'm very excited about what he brings and what he's had to work through to get to this point. Shaun, right now, really offers a lot of leadership and I'm excited about that."

On whether the game against Dallas will be more pass-oriented to get Shaun a few more reps before the regular season:
"No, I think we are going to continue the progression that we've been on. It's not looking at Dallas or looking at anything that they do to make us do anything different than we've been doing. I just think right now, we just want to continue to bring the offense together. What do we do well? What do we need to throw out? And continue to focus on the things that we feel are a part of the identity of the 49ers offense."

On when he felt Shaun Hill started to separate himself:
"Well, there was never a huge gap at any particular time, but I think it some of the intangibles that I talked about just a couple of minutes ago. It's just a matter of Shaun having a presence in the huddle, leading us through the end of last season and really having the confidence coming into this, probably feeling in his mind that he was the guy all along. Alex Smith, on the other side, having to prove that he can get through all of the stuff to get to a point of competing. I'm very proud of what he's had to overcome. The injuries, the setbacks, all of the other intangible stuff that no one really understands he's had to work through, and I'm extremely proud of that, about Alex."

On how much Shaun will play against Dallas:
"I don't know right now. I anticipate he will take most of the first half, but I still have to look at this week's work and kind of look at the load as we go forward."

On why this decision was made now:
"One of the things that I thought was important was as we approach the regular season and looking at the quarterback situation as it is right now, I felt that right now would be the best time, not only for the quarterbacks, but it was also the best time for the team. It was also the best time for the receivers. It was also the best time for the O-line, getting a feel for who is going to be back there, who's going to be leading this offense and who we can rally around right now. I felt with this upcoming Dallas game and being an important time of the preseason, that third game, particularly that first half, the first three quarters, it's really like a regular season game for most teams. And I really felt that the timing was right to begin developing the continuity and the synergy that we need as an offense going forward."

On whether this competition makes him feel better about his backup, seeing what he saw:
"One of the things that I want to stress, and I stress it to them, is don't see backups. One of the things that I don't want on this team is backups. I want starters and I want number twos. I want number twos to feel that at any given time that they go in, they are playing, there should not be a huge drop-off. They are only number twos because they are not as good as number ones for whatever reasons, but I don't want to use backups. And I stressed that to Alex. Just because Shaun is the starting quarterback, I don't want Alex to feel like, 'Ok, now I'm just a guy out here in the dark.' No, I want to continue to develop the rapport and relationship with the quarterbacks as well as everybody on this team. That's very important to me. Everything is about relationships. So I made sure that I stress that today."

On whether he has spoken to the team about the decision:
"I have not yet. No."

On whether he will talk to the team about it before or after practice:
"Maybe after practice."

On whether he gauged the pulse of the team before making the decision:
"Actually, I talked to Jimmy [Raye] and Mike Johnson earlier this week and said, 'Let's look at practices really hard this week and really look at the details and all of the little things and what is best for our team. Let's look at this period now, meaning mid-week, last week, until the upcoming Dallas game and see if there's a segue, that we felt good about.' I felt after our last game, I got Jimmy and Mike together and said, 'I feel this is the time. This is what I'm thinking. What do you guys think? Let's go.'"

On whether Jimmy Raye, Mike Johnson and he were on the same page when they made the decision:
"Yes, we are on the same page."

On whether he has seen improved practice habits from Shaun Hill than he saw from the second half of last season:
"I can't remember how he practiced last year. All I know is from what I've seen from this last offseason. I've seen the progression, the growth, the confidence and I've seen him get his arms around the offense and really sat down yesterday and articulate to me what he needed in terms of getting better, specifically. And that was extremely important because as we look at our running game, that's really difficult to establish and when you begin to look at the passing game, that's a whole other set of rules, as far as the trust factor, everybody being on the same page. The receivers running the right timing on their routes, all of those things are very important."

On what the next big issue is with this team:
"Right now, there aren't any big issues. I think we need to continue to do a very difficult thing and that is to continue to focus on the little things, the detail of what we are striving to do. Feeling that, 'Okay, we've won two preseason games, but what's really important is did we get better each week?' Each day that we come out here, it's another opportunity for us to get better and I want us to keep that at the forefront of our minds even though this Dallas game is coming up. It's very important that we are looking at, not Dallas, but we are looking at the things that concern us in terms of the details of getting better."

On whether he's settled on a No. 3 quarterback:
"No, I have no idea right now. I'm just thankful we got this far and we'll go from there."

On whether Adam Snyder's injury is his knee or ankle:
"It's his knee. The ankle is fine. We are just going to bring him back slowly and keep our eye on it. We are very thankful it wasn't more serious."

On whether all of Alex Smith's reps will only be with the No. 2 offense:
"I don't know at this time. I can't answer that."

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