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Singletary's Notebook: Aug. 21



On which quarterback will start in Saturday's preseason game:**

"Alex [Smith] will start the game, just vice versa of last week, a reversal of last week. When Shaun [Hill] comes in he will have the luxury of having the starting o-line. So it will be fair like it was last week."

On how many snaps Smith will take:
"We will let the game dictate how that goes."

On whether RB Frank Gore will play Saturday:
"He may play one series, six plays, something like that."

On what he wants to see from Smith Saturday:
"I just think it is important for him to go into the game and do the things we are looking for – taking care of the football, make sure we are getting the football out and avoiding costly mistakes."

On how well Smith is getting the ball out:
"I think it comes with understanding the offense. I think it comes with knowing what the reads are, what the progressions are and all those things. He and Shaun have done a great job of continuing to make progress in those areas. I see that as the continuation."

On which healthy players will sit out of Saturday's game:
"[LB] Pat Willis, that may be one that comes to mind. [WR] Isaac [Bruce] may play a series or so. We will see how that goes, but he will play.

On whether LB Parys Haralson will play:
"Parys will be out."

On who will start in Haralson's place:
"Ahmad Brooks."

On how long Haralson will be out of action:
"Parys will be fine. He won't play this game, but he will be back next week and ready to go."

On whether S Michael Lewis will play Saturday:
"We have to monitor that a little closer and see. It will be a game-time decision."

On what he wants to see in Saturday's game:
"I want to see a progression of what we have continued to build on. I think the guys have been making steady progress. I want to see us continue to progress. Every little thing we can do in every area, whether it is the offense, the defense or the special team, we just need to keep moving forward. The identity we have, the standard we set, we need to continue to live up to that and try to get there. That is what we need to do as a whole."

On what he learned about the Raiders from the scrimmage in Napa:
"In a situation like that, it is really unique because both teams when they are scrimmaging, you don't know what the other team is doing. You don't know how much of their offense they're showing. You don't know what their plans are going forward. For us, it is just a matter of continuing to do what we do and continuing to focus on the fundamentals and technique and get out of it what we are trying to get out of it."

On where newly acquired CB Eric Green fits into the secondary:
"Right now, he just adds to the competition. We are going to let him compete and see how it works out."

On whether Green will play Saturday:
"He will not play tomorrow."

On how he will ultimately decide on a starting quarterback for the regular season:
"[Offensive coordinator] Jimmy Raye, [quarterbacks coach] Mike Johnson and myself will sit down and look at some of the criteria we have set in terms of leadership, protecting the football, how the offense responds to them and some other things we look at going forward. We will make that decision based on that information."

On when he will make a decision on the starting quarterback for the regular season:
"I think we are just going to let it play out and look at the information we have and see how that stacks up against what we need and go from there."

On how close he is to making that decision:
"I think we are definitely closer than a week ago. Hopefully soon here, we will have an idea."

On whether he is seeing separation between the two quarterbacks:
"I am starting to see, between both of them, I'm starting to see some of the things we need to see. Now, we are working against time. Now we are working against, before the season starts, getting that continuity and trust factor and comfort of that offensive group as a whole feeling the quarterback a little bit more. It is not like one is running away with it or anything like that, it is just one of those things where you get to a point and you have to make a decision and go with your gut."

On whether WR Michael Crabtree could be a factor this season if he doesn't sign soon:
"I don't really see it that way. But in all honesty, I'm not thinking about it a whole lot. These receivers who are here, they are busting their tails day-in and day-out. Those are the guys we are evaluating. We haven't allowed anything else to come into the picture where we are thinking, 'What if this?' We are just going to continue to move forward. I'm still excited about Crabtree and the athlete he is, and at some point in time, what he brings to our team."

On whether he is happy with how the players have approached the Crabtree situation:
"Absolutely. Our guys have been nothing but great about the whole situation. We just continue to go forward and get better."

On whether it is only the front office negotiating with Crabtree:
"That is kind of the way we wanted to approach it from the onset. From the very beginning, I know on this side of it, the most important thing for me is to look at the guys out here and try to evaluate what is out here, the best 53 guys who are going to give us a chance to win. All the other things, I don't really worry about them. Those are peripheral things until they come into view."

On whether the Crabtree situation bothers him:
"It doesn't bother me today anymore than it did the first day. He has to make up his mind, he and his agent. For us, we are going to continue to do what we do."

On whether DE Ray McDonald will be ready for the regular season:
"I don't know. All I know is right now he is making great progress. That is exciting to see. He is ahead of schedule, working his tail off and that is really nice to see. Will he be ready for the start? I don't know, but that would be a very nice addition to have."

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