Send Us Your Best #49ersEdit Images

We collected your #49ersCar, #49ersBaby and #K9ers pictures. In this edition of Niners Daily, we ask for your own custom pictures.


You post them and we collect them for your viewing pleasure.



The San Francisco 49ers are blessed to have some creative forces, the kind of people that bring you everything from the #INFOGFX49 series to the designed imagery that decorates Levi's® Stadium. (Our own @49Dzn created the Dan Skuta piece.)

But we have also seen your skills on social media. Share your own custom images with us, and we'll compile them into the growing gallery you see above. (We got it started with some recent favorites.)

There are two ways to send us your #49ersEdits: using the hashtag on Twitter or by emailing us.

Thanks in advance for participating.

Speaking of...

...user-created content, we saw this and thought it was worth passing along.

Talk about Running

Jerry Rice sprinted down the sideline, and now he's cheering on one of his admirers who is running across the country. We wrote about Christina Lee's unique story last week.

The Vault

As you may remember, the 49ers and their Week 5 opponent, ex-teammate Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs, met in the 2013 preseason. Here's a highlight from that exhibition.

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