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Rookie Report with Chuck Jacobs


The San Francisco 49ers rookie class will keep fans updated on the 2013 season in a "Rookie Report" series on The NFL newcomers will share insight on their rookie seasons and their experiences on and off the field. Next up, undrafted wide receiver Chuck Jacobs, a native of Richmond, Calif., detailed the progress he made this offseason, tips he learned from 49ers veterans and his passion for gymnastics.

MAXIMIZING OPPORTUNITIES AT ROOKIE MINICAMPSince I was able to get more one-on-one instruction from the coaches, I just tried to focus on everything they taught me throughout the offseason. I tried to emphasize keeping the depth of my routes, watching the ball into my hands, attacking people certain ways and trying to keep sharpening my sword.

When we played against each other, it was fairly balanced between the both of us. You know, we came out victorious as WAC Conference Champions, but we don't have to get into all that.

PLAYING IN HOME STATE OF CALIFORNIAIt feels good being back out here. Anywhere you go, and you go off to college and you get picked up by a team in your state – you're always going to feel good. You're always going to have that home feeling when you're playing for that home team. I always used to watch Jerry Rice and "Prime Time" – Deion Sanders. I used to watch all of those guys, so it's good to put on the uniform here with the 49ers.



They told me take every day and make sure you put your best foot forward. Even though you might get a little uncomfortable at times, always try to focus on being better each day.

OFF THE FIELD ACTIVITIESI dance a little bit. I like dancing and I like gymnastics. I'm an acrobatic-type person. In high school I was athletic. I played basketball, football and I ran track. And then I took up a little bit of martial arts when I was in middle school. I was into Bruce Lee, so I had that little era going on. With gymnastics, I can do the rings a little bit, but I'm good at the floor exercises and the vault. But I like the floor, freestyling. I can do somersaults, back-flips, all of that fun stuff.

PLANS FOR THE SUMMERI'm going to try and relax as much I can so I can refocus my mind. I need to prepare myself for a big step in my career, getting ready for a season. I'm going to hibernate for a second and then get ready to work.


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