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Quinton Patton Aspires to Open a Restaurant, Name it after a Teammate

Quinton Patton is a colorful character.

His one-of-a-kind personality was on display in this week's 1-on-1 interview presented by Toyota. Among the topics covered during the sit-down discussion was Patton's passion for opening his own restaurant.

The Niners receiver grew an appreciation for the culinary arts from his father, who was a chef in the Nashville area during Patton's childhood. Now Patton has aspirations to open his own restaurant in the Bay Area.

He laid out his plans during the interview.

"I'd want everything in there, all in one restaurant," Patton began. "I want a hibachi grill, and then I want a little Waffle House because they don't have that out here on the West Coast. You'd have your American food, you'd have your seafood, Italian food, everything will be there. You can come in there and make up an order and, I'll be like, 'OK, I've got you.'"

What about the name of the restaurant?

"I don't know, probably 'Uncle Phil's,'" Patton laughed, referring of course to 49ers kicker Phil Dawson.

But why?

"I just feel like Phil's eaten so much in his long-lived career," Patton rationalized.

Patton has yet to tell Dawson about his grand idea. He also said that he doesn't plan on making the kicker his business partner.

"I think he's going to be in there everyday just eating and trying everything out," Patton explained. "He and his boys will love to come there."

Dawson is sure to be flattered when he hears the news.

The interview concluded with a series of "would you rather" questions. As expected, Patton knocked them out of the park.

Would you rather be able to know the future or change the past?

Patton: "I don't want to know the future because then I'd be bored with my whole life. I'd probably change the past so I can get a different future."

Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?

Patton: "Fly. I'd fly everywhere. I'd fly up out of here right now, out of nowhere. Just think, if I could fly… 'Kap, throw the ball (raises arms like he's going to catch a pass). Just throw the ball straight up in the air, I'm gonna go get it.' The landing part is gonna be kind of hard, but the flying part is going to be easy. If you can just hold your breath underwater, then your skin is gonna get all soggy."

Would you rather run like Usain Bolt or dunk like Michael Jordan in his prime?

Patton: "Run like Usain. (If I won the 100-meter,) I'd just keep running for the 400-meter and bring it back around."

Would you rather eat a 'Good Burger' or a 'Krabby Patty'?

Patton: "A Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger, I love that movie. I don't really like SpongeBob."

The end of that question can't really be transcribed, so feel free to check out the full exchange in the interview above or the tweet below.

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