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Q&A: DeForest Buckner Describes Camp Experience

Read what first round draft pick DeForest Buckner told the local media when he arrived for his first training experience.

Q: How was Hawaii?

A: "Oh, it was great. Got to spend time with my family. (Defensive end) Arik (Armstead) came out with me, my girlfriend came out with me. So, it was a good time."

Q: Did you and Armstead work out together on the beach?

A: "Yeah, we worked out with (Seattle Seahawks defensive end) Michael Bennett and some other guys that came to train. It was a good experience."

Q: Did Bennett give you any tips about the NFL life?

A: Yeah, he definitely taught me and Arik a bunch. Kind of brought of us under his wing for the couple of days that we were working out with him. Even though he plays for the Seahawks he was really helping us on our pass rush game."

Q: Did he help you guys with a certain move?

A: "A bunch of different moves. Just working on our hands. Making it more natural. So, when we get in situations in the game we know what to do."

Q: What is the best advice you've received for this training camp?

A: "Best advice? Come in shape (laughs). I mean, training camp is supposed to be one of the hardest parts of the year. So, just coming in mentally and physically ready. That is the best advice I could get."

Q: You have the some (head) coach (Chip Kelly) you had in college and the same position coach (Jerry Azzinarro), but a new coordinator. How much different is the scheme you'll be running and your responsibilities from that? Or is it similar?

A: "I would say it's pretty similar to what we ran at Oregon. Obviously, different terminology, but it's pretty similar. We've brining a lot more guys pressure wise and stuff like that, but everything's pretty much the same."

Q: Where do you need to improve to get a lot of playing time as a rookie?

A: "I would say, just pass rushing. On the defensive line it's all about who can get to the quarterback. So, I've been really working on that this offseason. So, I just want to go to work this camp."

Q: Did Chip come out with any message for you guys yet?

A: "He hasn't spoken in front of the team yet. I think next meeting."

Q: You said the best advice you've got was to come in shape, but having been with Chip did you have ideas of things you could do this offseason that would have you ready?

A: "Yeah, just normal stuff. Cardio and all that stuff. I'm used to the fast-paced training that Chip does, being at Oregon. So, I kind of know what to expect practice wise."

Q: A a lot of analysts are not predicting the playoffs or even a winning record for you all this year. Why do you guys in the locker room have reason for optimism?

A: "It's a new year. Anything can happen with a new year. A lot of guys are coming in really confident. Just ready to go. Excited to go to work and just start off on the right foot this year."

Q: We've been told if there's going to be a rotation on the defensive line this year. What are you expecting as far the amount of guys who are going to be playing in a typical game?

A: "Obviously, I'm new, but I think they will suit up probably five or six guys maybe for the defensive line. So, obviously it's a small rotation. So, I'm going to do whatever I can do to be in that rotation to get as much play time as I can and show the coaches that I'm valuable for the team."

Q: One common element of the defensive seems to be height a lot of guys 6-foot-5 or taller. Have you noticed that? Has coach Azzinarro noticed that? Is he doing things to work on leverage and things like that?

A: "Coach Azz likes guys with long arms. He really focuses on the little details when it comes to practice. In our individual periods on how to use our weapons, which is our long arms especially during the run game. So, he did a really good job helping use our weapons."

Q: Do you have any one particular goal for the season? This being your first one in the NFL?

A: "One particular goal? I would to say, to be honest, to be rookie of the year. That's my goal."

Q: When you've watched tape who do you watch and try to pick things up from?

A: "I would say (Arizona Cardinals defensive end) Calais Campbell. Even at Oregon, (Defensive Line) Coach Ron (Aiken) he coached him and he kind of compared me to him a little bit. So, I just wanted to see things I could pick and I could imitate."

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