What They Said: Coaches and Players Recap #SFvsNYG

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on the Mood in the Locker Room Postgame

"We've been on the road for a while, we're real excited to get on this plane, celebrate a little bit and get back to our families. It was just the way the offense controlled the ball the way they did, the way we did not punt in the game or have a turnover in the game. The defense had three turnovers. I think they kept them out of the red zone the entire game. And then special teams played very well, obviously minus the snaps. We didn't punt, but the kickoffs, I think we had three stops inside the 20 which is a pretty big deal, and the kickoff returns were touchbacks. So I was just really happy with everyone across the board."

Shanahan on Nick Mullens' Performance vs. the Giants

"Nick was great. He was very poised. We went on a lot of long drives today, which is better than not scoring, but long drives can get a little bit exhausting but Nick kept his composure. I know we went on this 16-play drive without a third down. Nick was real impressive on that with his execution and how consistent he was all day."

Shanahan on Jason Verrett's Return to the Field

"I was so happy for Jason Verrett. I mean, Jason Verrett is a stud. He's been a great player in this league and he's been through more, maybe even more than Jet (Jerick McKinnon) has in the last couple of years. I was so glad that he came back with our team. He played great in camp then had that hamstring that last week (of training camp) that set him back. He got his opportunity today."

49ers Quarterback Nick Mullens on His Performance vs. New York

"Felt really good. Really confident in my preparation. Coach Shanahan talks about the build up. Wednesday, you get the game plan. Thursday, third downs. And it all builds up to Sunday. By Sunday, you're just confident as can be and just approach it with a relaxed mindset, ready to go out and execute. I thought we did a really good job as an offense and as a team."

49ers Wide Receiver Brandon Aiyuk on Getting Over Game 1 Jitters

"Last week was fine to get out there, get my feet wet a little bit. But I was just excited to come back and play the next game just because of how I got that feeling of not knowing what it was, what it would have been like out there. So after I got that out of the way, I was excited to get to work this week. I knew I'd be more of an option in the offense, so it was a fun week and exciting. There are still a lot of things to clean up but it was a step in the right direction."

Giants Head Coach Joe Judge's Opening Statement

"Obviously, we all have to do our job better, starting with coaching better, and we've got to make sure we're putting the players in the right positions."

Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones on Learning from the Week 3 Matchup and Looking Forward to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 4

"I think for us as a team and for everyone in the building, it's important that we correct the things that went wrong. We understand what went wrong and we'll improve from this game, and not let it define us as a team. We know that we're capable of playing a lot better than we did today. I think there were a lot of things that happened that were uncharacteristic of who we are and what we can be. As a team, we need to understand that, we need to move forward and go back to work. We're determined to play better and to fix the things that have gotten in our way these first few weeks. We're not going to let it affect our confidence, we're certainly not going to let it affect how we work and how hard we attack this week, how hard we attack the preparation towards the Rams."

Giants Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams on Stopping the 49ers Run Game

"I think in the first half, we were playing really good against the run. We knew that this was a running team that wanted to come out and start fast in the run game, and I think we had a good answer towards it. I think we're put in good positions to play the run and I think we just need to finish when it matters."