Patrick Willis Launches 'Football Unleashed' App

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Joe Staley now has his own app.

"Football Unleased with Patrick Willis" allows users to play as the seven-time Pro Bowler on defense as well as on offense.

During practice sessions and five-on-five games, users can play penalty-free football where big hits are encouraged at all times and tornadoes and lightning bolts can wreak havoc on opponents.

Big hits were important to Willis when helping design the game play.

"A lot of games are very offensive based, but not this game," Willis said. "When working through the gameplay and design, I wanted to make sure there was an emphasis on defense. They nailed it. To be honest, it's a little surreal and definitely humbling to have my own game, I hope everyone likes it."

You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

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