On-Line with Jennings on the Jags


I am way ahead of schedule with my rehab. The surgery really helped me out and it is going pretty good. I went home to Atlanta to handle a couple of things, because I really will not have an off-season this year. I will definitely be here in the months of January and February. I am totally devoted to coming back strong on the field.

My shoulder definitely needed to be fixed. The doctors and coaches are both happy with how I am progressing. I am now ahead of the game with my recovery. We have three weeks left in the season and I am already starting to work on my shoulder. I waited until the last possible second this year to get the surgery because I wanted to go out and compete and help our team, but it was the right thing to do to take care of this problem now.

It was good to come back. It's good to know that the guys miss you. I have been talking with our line and offering encouragement. Our offensive line is definitely growing as a unit. This year will help us with our depth at the position because we have young guys getting on-field experience. It might not show now in the points and the statistics, but they are working hard. Eric Heitmann has done a great job this season. He has been the one constant on the line this year and you have to give him kudos for that. Jeremy Newberry has provided leadership back there with his tough play and the younger guys getting time will help us in the future.

We are going down to Jacksonville this week and I am very familiar with the city from playing at Georgia. As everyone knows we play in the "World's Largest Cocktail Party" each year against the Florida Gators. I played against the Jaguars when I was in Buffalo so I know them a little bit. They have good facilities and a great organization. This is the first time we have played them since 1999, so there should be some newness attached to it. They are a team that likes to be physical. They like to mix it up and it should be a fun game. However, our attitude is that we can't worry about the other team. We have to work hard and make our own way.

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