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On-Line with Jennings


Tackle Jonas Jennings remains sidelined with a shoulder injury, but he still stays up-to-date with current affairs in order to bring you his bi-weekly column, "On-Line with Jennings." As the team gets ready to head out to Washington, find out what Jennings has to say....

It is very unfortunate that another Hurricane is going to hit us again. We can't control natural disasters, but we have to continue to try and prevent people from getting hurt. Hopefully, everyone will make it out safe.

The Houston Astros beat my Atlanta Braves so I'm not too happy about that, but it was good to see them get a chance to go the World Series. As a fellow athlete, I really can't hate on them. They had a lot of heartache after the last game they lost, so it's good for the city.

My Georgia Bulldogs are #4 in the nation, so we have to keep on moving and take it one game at a time. My boy D.J. Shockley is holding it down so we have to focus on one game at a time and try and get into the BCS picture.

Another Georgia Bulldog is doing well here for us in San Francisco. Bruce Thornton is playing well and I am happy for his success. I actually recruited Bruce at Georgia. He is a good cat. I looked after him in school and have taken him home a couple of times back during our college days, and he has met my mom. Bruce was a guy who was drafted by Bill (Parcells) in the fourth round so you know he had upside. He has always been a confident guy and I think he is a late bloomer at the position, because he came in as a running back.

I am ready to put on our throwback jerseys when we play at home against Tampa Bay. Yep, I'm planning on being back for that game. I am a football fanatic so I appreciate the history of the organization and what those jerseys stand for. Hopefully, the ghosts can be with us so we can play like the guys of the old days and bring some pride back around here. No one plays to lose and that's something that can give us another incentive to play well.

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