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Off the Field: George Kittle's Ice Bath Conversation with Kevin Hart 🧊

Taking ice baths are a part of San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle's typical post-workout routine. This time, he spent his recovery regimen on comedian Kevin Hart's "Cold as Balls" video series.

On Hart's video series, he features professional athletes across the sports world from WWE to the NFL. On the episode that aired June 14, Kittle and Hart discussed his journey to becoming a tight end, his relationship with his father and his Harry Potter and Spiderman fandoms.

While submerged in ice, Kittle and Hart joked back and forth about who was the true Harry Potter fan.

"It came out when I was a kid... I've read all the books," Kittle said.

The comedic duo had the chance to talk football also. While describing his journey to becoming a tight end, Kittle shared that he originally played as a wide receiver before being placed in the tight end position during his collegiate career at Iowa, the university his parents attended.

"My mom is actually in the Hall of Fame in Iowa for two sports," Kittle said. "She'll sometimes say, 'at least we know where the athletic genes came from.'"

Here are some speed-round questions Kittle also answered on social media:

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