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Niner Talk Bonus: How Will the 49ers Respond?

In this week's bonus round of "Niner Talk," I'm going to share how the San Francisco 49ers plan to regroup for Sunday's "Battle of the Bay' matchup against the Oakland Raiders.

And now, on to your questions that didn't quite make this week's show.

Which one?

It's convenient to play the blame game. If you watch the video at the top of this post, you'll hear my thoughts on it.

How's that for a plug?


@TaylorPrice go like my 49ers vids on Instagram #49ervid ? #ninertalk — Lucas (@LucasMP82) December 1, 2014

Is that a question?

It would be "Supermarket Sweep."

I'd like to think that I touched on the tough topics in this week's show as best as I could. What's challenging the offense, and what playoff hopes are left?

Anything else you'd like to know, don't hesitate to tweet at me.

If you can work in a "Splash Brothers" reference, then I'll answer this.

Here's the real question in this week's mailbag.

What is the team doing? Being professional. Attacking each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

That's all you can do at this point. As mentioned in the show (third plug)... I shared that the 49ers lost control of controlling their own playoff destiny. They need help from NFC foes. That's not ideal, but also not unrealistic.

I'm guessing the offense will self-critique and come up with a different plan of attack for the Oakland Raiders. The health of Anthony Davis and Garrett Celek at right tackle and tight end, respectively, could influence how many run-heavy schemes that offensive coordinator Greg Roman dials up. I'm also on record as thinking Colin Kaepernick takes more on his shoulders this week. Plug number four! With so many critiques out there, San Francisco's dual-threat quarterback might utilize his running skills against a Raiders defense that struggled last week in St. Louis.

Who knows, we could even see #Kaepernicking in the 5-1-0.

Kaepernick is walking around the building with a game face on. I think that's a good thing.

As for the defense, the unit has simplified its approach with several young cornerbacks in the mix. Vic Fangio's defense deserves major props for being in the top 10 in both pass and run defense. That's a credit to his coaching and leadership.

But back to your question: We won't really know what the 49ers have done to improve until after the 2014 football installment of the "Battle of the Bay."

Any other hype or guesses would be wrong on my part.

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